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Gonna wanna know a if i'm if we're gonna invest in your talent just this doc. What what are we getting. Can we get a dock and get more. Docs can we get a series that we get more serious. So we're kind of lining those ducks ops. Only go to places like heart nine and other events where you know. Their chances aren't there will be some kind of representation from some of these platforms present and if we can get some face time with them we can. We can pitch them what we're up to. Maybe a little bit informally but then set up something more formal for later after the fed at least make initial contact and the quick elevator pitch this. You know this project does this and we want to expand it because there. Are you know stories of native american breweries and hispanic and not next burris and female on them and you know transgender own berries. Oh many stories to be told and allow them beautiful story. So that's some good time work into end did you. Did you say earlier. I remember you said you were trying to get this within like a eighty minute. Documentary is is. Is that corrected this once. It is officially released it. It'll be eighty eighty to ninety minutes attack. Eighty nine minutes right now. And i don't see it. Getting any shorter longer can offer anymore. Yeah there's directors say this is the directors and the producer scrutton and if the way the you know thankfully the way festivals have been responding to this version of it. There's really no reason to touch it. Just fly slant across the bar right. I agree 'cause like i said he dog. It looked like finished product to me so it was. It was good. I i thoroughly enjoyed the the document sure i Enjoy like like the personal touch is in terms of the emotional stories in terms of what even the personal story that they had in terms of like with john and even just gone through the like he was when he was walking through the by the. I guess the old movie theater was talking about that. Some of that has a favorite quotes At least in doing the dance and it would not just be just a whole. I guess Human experience Documented into it so. i'm really totally enjoyed. It thoroughly so I just want to give villa. And i'm gerrad especially on these these side for other people experience seat Especially from this emmy award winning director right right well. I don't even think we asked. What did you win the Before the projects was so five and five projects have five emmys. Oh yeah you're carrying susumu. Been there for magazine. Television shows that i produced and a couple of documentaries that have produced. So that's basically what those are for Has just been the the long this one pine time being longest documentary or longest project. Yeah yes tired. Year so my. You're like the story. So my debut documentary which i filled almost entirely in taiwan. That took ten years to complete way. Where's that at that. I'll send you lay cindy seven years. The gentleman was a second. yes a gentleman. We were also trying to raise money so there was a lot of time. Blow doing that but we finally got some funds. We went but it was A young man. Who i met here. He's asian american. Do great nice guy and he lost his mom to cancer and he took her back to taiwan in spirit because they from taiwan they weren't army family date bounced around the country and Back in spirit. And when he went to reunite with his relative that he hadn't seen in for ever discovered that they weren't like the traditional from mainland china. They weren't related coach to mainland china. They were related to indigenous tribes. Didn't even know existed on. Wow poachers were disappearing. Because all of these elders had these original facial tattoos they were off one by one. They were like in their nineties. One hundred years old so i followed him and his wife and druther on that journey. That sounds like a wonderful documentary to genuinely santa claus. Yeah i i would like to watch that. I guess i guess my final question. Nothing well says one but who came up with the name one at a time. Okay that i mean because that's how you drinking at the bar one at a time you said what to get the eight. That's the best way to make change. And by the time you have a pint. there's a lot of culture and history and stuff that went into that making that that nineteen forty six that they're drained his just incredible. You know there's a story there right so i like that. Just that idea of things changing or like the future being reshaped one pie de time and add the just just the mere fact that these black brewers are in this film. They're doing what they're doing. Their existing in this space craft beer. Date are the ones and the one the other ones experts to like beer culture in dr jane and pink whoops there all together reached a the future of so so they're all the pints. Oh i guess turn gotta taste. Oh so one. Taste you at a time tonight anymore. Questions for.

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