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Clinton gates we at the undefeated telling stories that remind people who we are as a culture is living breathing entity in all parts of american society. It's not just history books and social media y'all we contain multitudes and everyone deserves to be heard so listen follow and let's have a conversation. Listen or follow black history always wherever you get your podcast andrea. I mean this is a game. Am fans expect to win. And and what's interesting about. An is their their schedule is very back. Loaded in fans or just obsessing over that alabama game. But you have to play the game. You understand that as an athlete. How do you. How do you mentally get ready for games when you know. You're a huge favourite. You know there's probably not much chance of losing. And in spite of what your coaches tell you. What's the mindset When when you when you have a game like this to start the season out of the players that i talked to yesterday. I talked to kenyan green on the offensive line. I talked to leon. O.'neil senior who's in the in the back field on the defense and both of them like they're approached. They feel like they were snubbed. Last season and so for me as an athlete. I think what i would think. Is you take every game extremely seriously because for them. It's not about beating kent state. It's about how they beat can't stayed. It's about the plays that they make against kent state. Ken state's got a strong quarterback dustin chrome he is not a nobody he threw for over a thousand yards in four games last season so i think that they're taking the approach. How do they win. Games what do they make. Can they make a statement because they've got a chip on their shoulder so i don't think it's going to be hard for these guys. Get fired up for any of the games on their schedule. Even in the beginning of the season. Under before you go. I want to elaborate on that. Because athletes with a chip on their shoulder or not that is not on that is not uncommon And it usually shows the mark of of a really great athlete and a really great team knows what didn't happen right to previous year. How how does that play into the psyche of of trying to have a banner year which am fans are counting on. I think it's just energy. It plays into it because the energy that they bring it. And there's the passion that they play with even tighten jalen watermark today. We talked to him and he said they bring it. Every day in practice they treat practice like a national championship game so that chip on their shoulder. It's like fuel to the fire so texas a. and m. fans. They can definitely get excited. Because these guys are taking every little thing seriously. They felt like they had a great season last year and didn't make the college playoffs and that really means a lot to them. It hits them hard. And they're not gonna forget about it. Thanks so much andrea. Carter joining us from kyle field. That game is to morrow night. Am and can stay. We are racing through so many great this afternoon. We're not done yet. Laura rutledge will join us next listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Laura rutledge rejoining program. And laura sean mcdonald chairman of guy. I know you're a couple of hours. You guys are friends with him and he was walking away. He's i got a bone to pick with you on my going. Sean sean mcdonough doesn't have bones figured anyone right usually. Yeah i mean. I really did not like what you had to say about. Reese rutledge paul that things making some waves fired reese as a as a picture on the show because she picked clemson and listen. Like i'm with you. But what i will say is what if reese is right. I think we need a wager that was. That was the quintessential laura being. I say the word on the air. But it wasn't that i had. I didn't care if it was your daughter or anybody's anybody's baby. Meghan markle's dog. I really didn't. It didn't matter to me. I just wanted to fire someone that had been so long like you really have been so incredibly gracious to everyone firing anybody. I felt like i was glad about it because it felt like we got back to vintage. Finebaum is start firing people. I don't care that you fired a twenty two month old but whatever. You're such a savage though. I know we set a record. The thing is like hey to break you. But she's picking the miami alabama game tomorrow so she actually is not fired yet bugger. We'll talk about it for next week. Reese if you're watching. She's watching your. I don't know how to describe myself in department. Usually your uncle paul. But i think i'm too old to know your god. Okay godfather. i actually think that sounds like a good segment for your show godfather feinban so i i feel like we've all asked the same questions over and over again. That always happens. The first we talk season. We did this show last night. I'm sure tomorrow morning. Sec nation will be completely different right. Yeah we got none of these same topics. I it is funny. Everyone sick and talking about the same stuff over and over again. We're in the same boat for hours a day. But but that's the beauty of the eve that we're on right now. Obviously we already had college football even beginning Even last week. Sec football started last night but it feels like tomorrow is the real beginning of it. I think we're gonna know a lot with what we see. And i with all due respect. I mean we're inside right now We won't be inside again until the sec. Championship game and there. There's something about getting out again. And i know you you dealt with covert last year on the show and and you were. You were doing what from. I was doing a little studio in bristol connecticut. It didn't quite feel like the sec. I know that's a shocker. Everybody paul. I'm so excited to your point. Just even seeing the few fans that are milling about here at the college football hall of fame. It brings the joy back that we love so much. And that's why we do this. That's where we are here for. I think to go back on campuses again to feel that vibe to be amongst people to be able to talk to these fans about their teams. I can't wait. I just thought as you were talking and you kind of have a montage. Your mind and i was thinking about all the experiences on college campuses and the audience could just give me a second here. I thought of what i think is the most the memory that is etched in my mind. The most it was maybe the first year you are on the show of the second. I can't remember and we had a quick getaway. And i kept telling you we gotta go. And i'm looking at my phone..

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