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The mother of a college basketball player who took her own life is suing. What are the biggest sororities in the country? We get more from ABC's. Janai Norman, hit a lawsuit filed this week Felicia hankins alleges her daughter Jordan hankins a nineteen year old sophomore at Northwestern University who was subjected to physical abuse, including paddling verbal abuse mental abuse financial exploitation, sleep deprivation. Items being thrown in dumped on her and other forms of hazing intended to humiliate and demean her while pledging the alpha Kappa alpha sorority in the fall of twenty sixteen Jordan was found dead in her dorm room in January twenty seventeen and the lawsuit. Hankins claims that her daughter told members of the sorority that the hazing was triggering her PTSD causing severe, anxiety, and depression, and that she was having suicidal thoughts. Her family's attorney telling ABC news Jordan was seeking to join an organization she believed was dedicated to sisterhood and personal and professional development. Instead, we lead to that aka failed to take action to stop the abuse resulting in hankins taking her own life and overnight. The sorority issued a statement saying it is deeply saddened by the death of our sister. Jordan and episode has a zero tolerance policy for hazing. But still that fairly says sorority didn't do anything to stop it in this case ABC's today. No one time for lifebeat now with komo's marina Rockinger in partnership with I r g physical enhanced therapy. Indigestion and burning maybe you occasionally suffer from acid reflex. But if it's happening a bit more frequently and causing you a lot of misery. It could be gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD primary care physician, Dr Heather Osman from the Everett clinic explains the difference. Basically, it is a more, chronic and complicated reflex. So almost everybody gets an episode heartburn. Most of us are familiar with what that feels like and sometimes can be associated with overindulgence, but gird is a little bit more chronic than that. So we sort of think people that are having symptoms more than a couple times a week that might be a sign of gird..

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