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Oh god oh my god here's the thing we don't know what happened however i think we should end this recap with jack says words to us and his interview when he was last in the office what he came tells about this upcoming season of inner pump rules lets him group of yours uh it's going to be tough as commute of the i think everybody on joined the show i hope so um but it's going to be a tough season forever but you're still together and so we gather fans have working hard yes therapies hoping i mean so again we don't know what happened we i assume will find out i hope soon if they make us wave going around though and telling james kennedy i mean it's so doesn't surprise me just because i feel like if you're in this group mmm it's what you do it's what you do sorry to review get i'm just i'm still i know i get it don't worry i just watched it today so i'm really in style and you guys just so you know we have the next three episodes so guess what will be doing this weekend i mean sorry erin but we'll be talking to stasi schroder princess tutsi on monday send us any questions you might have for her yes please do tweet us at bravo tv using the hashtag bravo daily dish god it was so good do we want to move onto atlanta i mean obviously you're all the is office so let's start back up with this kim and kenya faceoff yes unease party gas the way cut it had so many names like on the light party but it was a you but like a never forget party yet also a seafood soiree right it was alive it was a it was a lot of themes at once so we pick up right where we left off in that crazy argument my of one question yeah where did croix come from for heights because remember we ended last episode with me saying willoughby housewife separating them or will it be security we were wrong it was croix it was cry we should a now shudder no that was nuts like was he just hanging out in the kitchen i i am more than one question rarely do you think did you hear.

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