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Will break open which cannot be prevented as the earth being broken open by the great ice full Caldera in Germany cannot whereby the upper part of Europe will become a sea of fire. Now, you hear these things and you wonder. You know, he's a true. What does it mean to me? It doesn't seem real that's somewhere else. It isn't here isn't happening. But we have to go back to about nineteen fifty one when Meyer himself using information from his teacher publishes his first letter on the environmental warnings of offense that are coming. And he's the first person, I know who addresses and people can agree or disagree that this is happening, but it's pretty blatant the unnatural manmade climate change and global warming and the increase in frequency and intensity of all manner of storms tornados hurricanes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, blizzard, etc. In the blog that I put up for your listeners. I simply grabbed five or six articles that are up on the internet had nothing to do with Meyer, except that they're showing that these things are under way back up when he said. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And remember, he he publishes this stuff in forty eight or fifty one and we're sixty eight years later these events are unfolding, and what's especially troubling one of the videos at my friend. Mike Basil's sent me a link to shows all this flooding going on in Nebraska, but the the guy in the videos talking about the other flooding happening in the overall area, north and west and east sausage. And what he's saying the farmers here are unable now on sometimes on half or more of their property to plant the crops. This was all four told the drought. Famines the gel users. And then, you know, the desertification this stuff is I I have a whole link to Meyer stuff from fifty one to about the eighties all about the environmental destruction. He even foretold long ago, the rolling walls fire.

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