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The way with Danish desouza Keeney Jones. Doing this thing for the Dartmouth review back then and I was a freshman, and we drove all the way down and never seen Washington, never met Buchanan. And it was like I looked around his house was photos, Reagan, Nixon and beautiful book and library. I thought. Wow, people actually live like this. And all these years later just a few years later on my last radio show. It's fitting that Pat Buchanan is back. He's the godfather of really modern day. Correct. Populist nationalists. Conservatism joins us now, Pat how you doing brother Pat joined fine doing fine. And thanks for the introduction. Calling. The memories of Joan by us. I'm not kidding you that has to bend like a two thousand and three or something two thousand four that interview with longtime ago, obviously. But it's it's interesting to end this show on at a time where the debates that we've been having in the conservative movement all the way since you started it in the sixties all the way today. It's kind of all come full circle. This news yesterday about the president pulling out of Syria cheered by so many of us because what are we doing there two thousand troops after ISIS has been destroyed, but the howls from the military industrial complex, Pat, you could hear them all the way all the way over to McLane from Capitol Hill. And we're done with this jolting decision, apparently, your advice street and Bolton his war cabinet if you will. It's really set the cap down among the patients, he's got to debate going in the nation as to win if ever we're going to get out of the Middle East force forever wars and retriever marched by Bush to and by Barack Obama and his said, we're going to start bringing the troops home from Syria right now, and they're twenty two hundred or so in there that's low figure ups you mentioned more. But there's no doubt about it law that there's gonna be consequences from the great American withdrawal from all these interventions around the world and the fundamental basic point is at the United States is not offered. It doesn't have so many interests that it can fight, you know, half a dozen forever wars in the Middle East along with contained Russia and containing. Both of those policies all of those policies. And so we're going to have to pick and choose and Trump has ignited a tremendous national debate, an Adam Kinser, who's a congressman Republican congressman his big big big time interventionist said this today seems like the president, you.

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