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A bit of a purist innocence to that i don't like time when it's on baseball great thing about baseball you know you can have of 28 inning game it can go on forever the team with two outs in the ninth inning it's not a question of running out the clock you can still low the vases and scored 10 runs and come from a ninerun deficit that's great but baseball is entertainment just like football in all sports are and i think we have to acknowledge that in two thousand eighteen attention spans are a little bit shorter people are used to immediate gratification and results whether you think it's a good thing or a bad thing it's here so you can stay the way you hallways ben and people come lose interest to not patronize your business your sport it can say well this is the way it always was this was away my father had it this way night his grandfather before him and we're gonna keep it this way and then you can die off you know look at all the businesses that did things their way that were innovative businesses like sears archive when i was a kid thus sears catalogue man you can see all these shiny bicycles in things good better best and you could order want in you know pick it up at the store an arm and it was great well now whereas sears sears is struggling to stay alive and probably won't in the next few years so i think the bottom line here is you have to evolve you have to change and baseball is greatest sport as it is and it is my favorite sport if it doesn't change people who don't have to watch games or who aren't died in the wall that have been watching it for fifty years and will never give it up and people coming into the game are going to say you know at this is boring and i've heard that from so many kids as boring that gotta do something to live in it up and this is one small step for man a giant leap for the m mlb eight seven seven three three seven six six six six greta is a.

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