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Can you elaborate on why that Greiner gears so much man? Carson is coming back and I get it. Man. I sit back and reassess like everybody like that. He knows. As a fan now that sitting there looking at cars that little bit, everybody just turned around and went over to the sideline. Like, man, let me go get something to drink, you know. So you know, you got a guy that's coming back from the injury, leaning on the line for you. You know, you know, he would just think that someone would be like, man, let me let me help you up. You know, when you have Jay giant out there, that's, you know, playing with a fractured bone in his back, you know, help him out, you know. But like Westbrook even called me, he was like, man, I don't even think I remember you ever picking me. I'm like, you know what? You're probably right. Yeah, but I would like to think it was because you were twenty hours feeling. He was just too far away, you know. But I, I gotta go look at the games and see if Ryan has a point there that the. Pretty solid because I don't ever remember ever picking anybody. There is another interesting tweet that I that I saw you followed up on it. It was referring to see hawks, offense of Lyman Germania Feddie and what this person found was a direct correlation to his stance, whether he had parallel or staggered feet, and he was able to key in on it whether it was a run or a pass. I'm sure there are more guys than we would imagine that have this tell or this tip off, but it's something that you said you look for when you were working on the defensive side of the ball. Can you explain why that's an important scouting tip, man, because I mean, right now, you know, all right. Am I gonna pass rash or do I need to kind of be a little bit more patient and be ready to shut down to run now? Sometimes it can't trick you where the guy might be in that pass set and it's twelve block or something like that. But that's like one of the first tales I would look for in office of linemen like, okay, does he show run and pass because you have to pay a lot of times have linebackers down there. They can tell because they get an different types of. Things and they're yelling here comes to power. Here comes the pool. This guy is doing this. 'cause everybody's reading stances. So you know, I would definitely. That's that's huge. That's the first thing I look for when I was on the conservative, all it's like, all right, is he passed versus run there from there. We kinda work from there. Then I started looking for they do. They have which one has the hitch, you know, because a lot of guys when they get ready for that little snap town, they have like a little habit that they had with either foot Trump's or something right before the ball goes. So I kinda wanted to hitching key on looking at the ball. 'cause I always what I looked at was like white them across the board will always the fastest off the ball, and I was like, there's absolutely no way they're looking at the ball. There's no way you can be looking at the ball and getting the ball that quick. They found somebody that had a hitch and they were going, and that's a big part of it too men fi, finding those keys and then finding them throughout the game too. So. Okay, I've got. I've got one more question for you. Try. I actually, I got two more one is, did you have a tell in your stance and if you, if you didn't, did you ever try to play games with people to give them a false? Tell tell my stands. 'cause I struggle at, you know. So anytime we way you know, we're task so much matter. You know. You know, we just going to game and out man, big red in mind. You know, for me, I was, you know. So you know, 'cause we got down to run. Everybody knew. All right here comes to run. I really didn't have to worry about it. So Trey, I am six foot one hundred eighty pounds. What advice would you give me if I was sent on a blitz and had you right in front of me, man. Get low, get low get..

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