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Oh, sorry, never mind. I thought you said you have been here since. Quote, super scared anxious insider watching Fillon host Nick cannon being a huge hit with audiences tougher her. They're already starting to mess with the format. It's like watching them. Screw around with her baby Ken filled in for Williams of Monday through Wednesday this week and one positive reviews. I love in the canon me to actually find him to be hilarious. And I like that he stood up for Kevin Hart. American pie. Actor Jason Biggs hosted Thursday's edition of the show and other guest hosts are book through February fifteenth. Wow, shit the risen for William's absence are somewhat murky her family and January that she had been hospitalized because of complications related to her grave's disease. She also fracture shoulder in December. And she hosted her last appearance on the show wearing a sling. But there have been persistent rumors that she's also personal difficulties involving husband and the executive producer for show. Kevin hunter Williams seemed to address that issue. Oh, sorry. William seem to address that issue in a conversation with cannon and cannon related to the programs audience that willing to told him that she wanted to speak as a family unit and her Kevin and their son little Kevin are good. But for all our insecurities. Williams. Can't rush back now to retake. The rain says a source. She's in no state to get back to the anytime soon rep, sir. William's, respond to multiple requests for comment. Wasn't there something with her husband and woman yet? No, there's just like a lot of cheating going on. She also fainted on stage. Remember that was scariest thing that was so scary. I just feel like she. She too has demons, you know, she has demons, and I like her show a lot I still like really upset with her for what she Rachel Lindsay dirty. That was like so just unfair not cool, and I feel like a little like bias against her. But for the most part of really like her show, and she's very honest, and like she is friends with celebrities. But then also talk shit about them and that is hard to do. Yeah. So I actually really like her, and I think she's refreshing daytime, and I want her show to be successful. But I think it is successful. But she's not there right now. So I want her to fight those demons and get back to work, but I also love Nick cannon did a post on. Who was it talking about was it Kevin Spacey? I dunno. It was on the times movement. But it was after something big happened. I believe Kevin Spacey. And it was just like a real honest thing. He was like, yeah. We're all clear now. But like we all knew. Yeah. Let us take some responsibility for the fact that we worked in an industry and worked for producers who we knew were bad people. Yeah. Anytime I self included like, well, he's taking responsibility. And then someone said something like it kind of felt like he might have something coming out like this is like a PR move, and then came out and another but that put like a little pit inside my stomach, but for the most part, it was like a really honest candidate on the whole thing. And I really appreciate it. I actually really like, by the way, are you going to watch the Kelly Clarkson talkshow, of course, I love her. Of course, you know. I love the canon because he takes any fucking job. They give him and does his best funny. The hosts that every Dame show than singer. But it's the big show. It's so stupid. So I've never watched it. But I know it's stupid. Every time it gets a mass just because like, you know, I'm curious like it's never anyone like it's never actual recognizable. I don't know the person. Right. And they supposed to be singers. I don't understand like, whatever. We have one more story. That's it. I know I'm kind of can't even remember together thirty minute..

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