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The special fungible loser edition and we talk about wearing haircuts while block here only on the variety ups yeah I mean I'll be will have their look Oh yeah I thank you strongest the second I had to put them in second number one are you close number two closing this is I was talking about this the other day at thank our last couple they would come and work out with them like fuck yeah you know so we you know me and like three or four other other guys good on there and suited up and got to wrestle with the could get your hands around the guy yeah there's differentiations just as hot I fire he had on shorts and a and a super Dan her weird in in that sense she was the stickiest person I think anybody that was there that day had ever unshaven you know but you know I I think it's a I think it's a I think it's a leading indicator of fucking high weirdness I also think it's a it's a leading indicator that we are very affluent society you know that that people can actually go on and have enough time to go on Google on bugging customize sex robots yeah and so I think that's a positive hang in that's like a leading indicator of a positive you know that that that we're on the right track in terms of our level of wealth and leisure time this funny and also the other thing about it is is that there's you know there's humidity these motherfuckers that that's the positive of the the Internet is that is it pulling from the crowd will yeah I'm sure that I'm sure there's a vendor of sex relatedness yeah I guess yeah involuntarily celibate anymore if you're dropping the Hammy on on Rijo Bot bridget the robot bridge like a robot yeah yeah well the The headline is sex robots with coding errors prone to violence could Strangle humans so that I mean this is a warning okay you've been warned okay all right Dr Collector now this is this it now this is this ridiculous right yeah I remember this now hookers of course is the this is the UK Daily Star polack all these articles that you're sending are like these aliases obviously lied of now but the Daily Star is a tabloid in London and you know in the old days of newspapers the tablets of train went up each other with the most sane stories you know they're still trying to do that online but that's the origin story of of the Daily Star so nick doll banger. I don't know I mean somebody fact check this result Pinger here's bricks warning all right brick. Listen to this whole thing is dog Dr Doll Bain Dr Doll Paging Dr Dos Doctored Albay here Paul can you come and there's a hospital sex robots plagued with coding errors could be prone to violent behaviors cleaning strangling an expert has worn an expert sex robots doll collector doll click okay this guy's on spectrum of bad news I mean he's a duckling the fears violent repercussions of robotics are not regulated properly. He believes that simple coding Erica turn AI girlfriends against their own I if they're equipped with free will so he's not gonna quit just Copa Robot with three will equip your sperm receptacle with free well thanks she's like I'm not really interested in being your sperm receptacle like hey I'm going out to starbucks pitch right yeah I've got my own friends I wanna go to yoga class yeah I'm GONNA go to school got to keep these joints loose circuits fiery brick this guy's this guy so bad the brick who has close ties with manufacturers real botox in abyss I assume those are hot sex doll robot makers told Daily Star online it scares me to death s a machine and it's always going to be machine discuss fucked an incredible amount of dogs dolls he's got relationships with all those companies these he's testing in paragraph about the should you know LE- dentists smashed ause see this is this is a decent thing I mean you know like this guy's not going to reproduce now in produce like we're doll Bain kids yeah yeah it's pretty much the end of the line how long before this it into like sperm donation and go to donate sperm in like fucking doll what do you mean like how long before sperm donation clinic start buying sex dolls and they're like oh you just going to fuck the doll and that's your donation browser well I mean well here's why I don't think that's ever into APP is because right now Plastic Cup does the job and that's like ten cents and through its also Aamer it's a it's a buyer's market in that people are willing to jerk off free and so six thousand six hundred and so I just thought you'd be you'd be fucking adult that a bunch of dudes as we're that is weird in I'm sure there's even a subset of this community should be like or like likes to bat second and third and fourth and fifth after you know they're the adults have been rock don't look at me like that these people exist out there I'm sorry to wake you up on this thing I'm just saying thank you Dr Golfing these people are out there and I'm not sure I'm not vouching for them they don't they're not living in my house or anything I'm just saying they're they're out there so this guy goes on to say you know these ulcer are going to be made of not just latex they're gonNA have motors and steel rods for Arms Geez watching him up fucking Balsa wood or something and so this guy well he can you caress Balsa Wood I I don't really know just put the plastic and rubber over out of something like that you can he everything can you like really style on this thing and I get it in reverse cowgirl and before that you were jacking off so you could just like you know you can just use your imagination okay yeah just take it a little easy on the machine or you could equip the doll a fucking steel hipbones and steal Tibias and steal fucking all that shit and she get like pissed off and fuck you up a. b. what's it GonNa be you gotta there's a trade off here buddiers attorney her doll banger danger doll banger danger banger unless you can stop with some kind of projectile like a gun or something like that if the sing out of control it could do some serious damage he added this code simple as that might have bad goat this is probably like a as he's as he's writing his review he he dislike cuts and Pastes sends it to this tabloid you know you probably sent this to the company to like I'm a little worried that this Dole could fucking strangled I say he's just he's Tram Bang Bang the daubing or drum or you now get out there yeah he's he's on you know then he actually gets into some kind of catch wrestling shit here he says and it wouldn't stop until these things occurred put it this way it could put his arm around her neck to stop you from breathing and you wouldn't be able to get away from it something as simple as that simple hug could be constriction that literally compress your chest and airway in stopping breathing so yeah so well okay don't Hook them up to the Internet mcgrew talking about a little bit ago you don't want somebody hacking your doll in like you know injuring you or like killing you you know well there is I do follow on twitter person called the Internet of Shit and also building and this is all their subject matters they talk about smart home stuff well the the Internet of should also talked about smart dildos that end smart vibrators and so that's an actual living non living that's an actual thing that's actually happening today that there is there is on the market right now deal mark dildos yeah what what do they do though like what smart about them like I can just use them for my phone like I can control it for my phone that might be one of the key things you could join with the the other thing is maybe like there's a a certain cadence or like a vibration sequence may be program and if you like it you can save to the wet like on your all night in program like a vibration for certain person that calls or whatever the other thing is is that like if you have a long distance relationship with someone and you this you you think this is one of the ways you can stay connected with that person is that perhaps like that person you could facetime a person he while you do that then you could also control the vibrator sounds like a people are getting up to these things it's not you know I'm I'm happy for them I it's up it's so there's some positives in this whole thing you know yeah it's good to keep a relationship going you know what you have to do but you're you're at risk of you know if some somebody wants to hijack your fucking Dildo experience can hijack that that already yeah which I guess wouldn't be the worst thing you know it'd be unfortunate but that's not what the big deal there kill you can't kill you yeah I don't know what would they do to kill you with the programmable dildo I don't know I mean maybe you should take that mind urge turn it up as much as making explode or something I heard it up so hyped in over the safety the safety sequence yeah the because didn't you share like a like an engine exploding did I on snapchat that might not have been you but somebody's like send us a video of like an engine in a car in the car fucking count on fire and exploded I don't think I did but these things have a they have for now yeah explodes explodes now you're dead your new play yourself horribly maimed the very least the other guy that covers a lot of this in addition the Internet of Shit is a Harry Shearer whose late show boy yeah a weekly show and he talks about you know all the the this smart technologies that of course failing and put you at risk of just not only hacking risk but a lot of the smart technology sometimes it doesn't get supported enough in the ship's breaks and so now you're fucking again your fridge is GonNa break anyway at some point but now it's like you're adding a news a new ability or new way for the fridge break newer option for your shit to get fucked up I had some kid come over to the house and he was only smart home technology like door to door right alarm systems and I don't know maybe as thermostats all shit I told the kid the very simple I said I want to dumb house you know I I you know that's it simple I want light switches smart fucking light bulge kidding me like I don't I don't need to control fucking light bulbs from my phone it'd be nice to like it would be nice to like okay say may Ango to the airport and we you know we forgot to turn the heat now it'd be nice to fucking be able to turn the down right but what's the trade-off you know by by by getting all that functionality you're basically giving somebody else access to do that it now so you're given up by getting functionality given obscurity you know there's this there's this quote by a CAN Thomas Jefferson May in these says the like those who would those who give up safety those who give already for safety deserve neither liberty nor safety or some shit like that and it's Kinda the same idea you know like you can give up you can get the all that shit but you're giving up a piece of security just like in general you know and you know you can make alive for nobody does anything militias to you already given up plenty of security so it's like your house Kinda like there's already I mean if you think about it I guess there's already all kinds of insecure should here we got phones that our PRI- listened to US maybe who knows no you and I were having a conversation earlier and fucking see so yeah that that's that's security versus freedom tradeoff is you know especially mm nine eleven the ultimate watershed moment for the security versus safety trade offs that we have made as a country the okay and so that goes for that goes for the ability the government has to listen to your communication with your phone the Patriot Act the ability for the government to watch the transactions you have with your bank and the ability for you to travel and now it's getting down to the point of the ability for you to carry cash you know in so where the way we could be living we could you on a path where one hundred dollar bill is suddenly outlawed you know in addition when she killed underdog building that you probably kill all cash at all you know and then from there then it's pure it's a pure bank wire transaction everything has to go through a US bank the you know that's that's not my opinion is very scary place agree this no good that's that you you give it up too much control that the state essentially you know like the the any any bank that gets your information office is basically like co-signed by the state you know so yeah the banks will always do that because the banks the banks have a very close relationship with with with the state and that the state is the money supply and the state of course allows the doors to be open or closed you know in the so it's it's the.

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