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It's really cool. I mean, it's not like it takes a long time. Once it starts going down over the horizon, like Oh, this is awesome. We're taking video. It's beautiful. I mean the colours than sunset. It is on the phone. I am so psyched. Phone goes in the water phone dead Goodbye. Videos never saw him again. Yeah, it was. It was well and like I said, But that trip the stupidest part was buying a freaking timeshare. Everybody's listening. Don't ever we, you know. Yeah, sure. We'll do. The presentation. We get free transportation from the airport to the resort. They're going to give us free breakfast. We have to sit through like a 60 minute presentation and say no. Yeah, Anyway. So what's new? What do you want to talk about today? Well, I can I can if you need a week in Kabul, by the way, let me know I can book it for you. I mean, maybe. Yeah. All right. I've got a little something for you. Maybe So every once in a while, people ask me like, Hey, Have you ever heard anything from the super secret Saber source? And it has been a quiet little run here. I heard something. Mhm and says his his ears perk up. Yeah, and I asked, Can I Can I use that and I did not get an answer. But I think it's not exactly the most shocking news you could here, So I'm just going to go with it because I think it's probably right and everybody is going to say, like, okay. I guess that's probably right. Did you do the all the President's men think I'm going to count to 10. And if you don't hang up, it's okay for me to say this on the air. And if you don't hang up, I won't use it. That will be a little bit of you know. Is that okay to say, and I'm making an executive decision here because Mm, The person did not get back to me. It looks like Granado. Very good. Okay, that's fine. That's that's the thing and I don't like I was trying to find out when. Yeah. How soon could this be known? Um, It's not, You know, I'm not telling you, Jack Eichel's being traded to the King's for four picks. No, it's just It looks like it looks like it's going to be Granado and as remaining his coach at the Sabres, which You know? It's not that shocking. Yeah, that he was probably the favorite coming in. He had the job. He did a good enough job. He had the respect of many players. He's worked with young guys before. And he got a lot out of the young guys. Yeah, within reason. So It looks like it's going to be Granado. And I don't know if anything will change that. If Brenda more all of a sudden becoming available would change that. If, um, you know, The Bruins just lost as their coach. Get fired. You might hear some calls for him to get fired. Who knows? Right? So it looks like it'll be Granado. I think it was Think it was Drager who tweeted the other day right that there might still be there might still be people working in the playoffs at the Sabres would still want to talk to, But, yeah, I think honestly, the only question there's a two part question here about Granado and if it is him Dragger again. I believe it was Drake. When Draeger reported the whole one of the guys they talked to was Rikard Gronberg Drager throughout the idea of Could it be as an associate coach? Could they hire Granado and then bring in Grand Bourg or I guess for the purposes of discussion. Bring in anybody else as a quote, associate head coach, not just a couple of the two or three assistants on the bench with him, but a guy who is a an associate head coach, Um you know, honestly, for me. The only thing about Granada would be okay when they played better. Two things one would would. Basically anybody have been better than Kruger behind the bench at that point and two. Is it playing out the string? No pressure and guys look good, because the games are absolutely meaningless for the last month or two of the season. It could be that my favorite stat that it's not exactly completely Bulletproof, but it's pretty good is that Granada was coaching a team with the salary cap of like $30 million. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, right that they had such a. You know when they're without Michael McCabe, The goaltenders. The guys they rolled through there. His team had a cap. That was that was pretty low. Yeah, so You know, like that's that's worth mentioning. I think maybe not 30 million, but yeah, it was. It wasn't exactly Yes, it was. It was half of maybe with the Yeah, There were times where the roster they were. Fielding was just so far below an NHL roster. This is where you make the joke that he might have to get used to that. But you know the idea of a young team and You know his style of play. I don't know if that works for Kevin Adams. But our conversations with Granado throughout the season were, I'll just say wonderful. Yes, they were nothing short of wonderful. He was very good to talk to. And if he gets the job as the full time head coach, then you know well, he'll have a chance to be the front door to the franchise a little bit and talk fans through stuff. More regularly than the GM. Does. The GM speaks to fans once every 23 weeks month, Maybe depending on the GM, you know, Jason Batra was with show up in the bulldog like every other week. Tim Murray about the same. The head coach talks about the team every day and whether it's zoom calls or it's in person that coaches speaking on every loss, every win, and that means that he is the most important figure in communicating. Who you are, what you're doing What's going on? Kruger was not good at that, especially in the face of losses. You know, Kruger has a lot of a lot of good words. Good things to say. But in the face of all those losses, those messages rang hollow. Granado..

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