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The Judi Judicial Watch had filed a twenty fifteen freedom of information loss file a lawsuit a foia lawsuit because they couldn't get the information that they wanted on. How much Nancy Pelosi have been spending on all of these trips that she's been taking over the years. They wanted to know what was being spent. So they finally got it. And she took a trip to Italy and the Ukraine from July thirtieth to August. Sixth of twenty fifteen flew on an air force jet. She had four family members with her including her husband what they dined in Milan. At a James beard American restaurant, where a five course meal costs up to one hundred and ninety dollars day toward the Vatican. They met up with the talian dignitaries, including the president. And at the time the prime minister, according to their literary. They found out that it cost the American taxpayers one hundred eighty four thousand five hundred and eighty seven dollars and eighty one cents to take Nancy Pelosi and her four family members on their excursion around the world well to Italy in the Ukraine. Yes. That to Italy. Yeah. Okay. I would kill for that trip. Yeah. I would also kill to eat in a James beard American restaurant in Milan, where a five course meal costs almost two hundred dollars. But apparently, I paid for it. And so it's kinda like I did he they're just without the food. I mean, the second one of the second things about this particular thing is why is she sticking the taxpayers with the Bill when she kings so easily afford this now also on a poor woman at all no, she's not also on the trip. The delegation was also made up of nine other members of congress as well, including democratic representatives and it s you and Marcia fudge. So. They took those numbers and they compared them to a Republican who traveled. This is what you digital tell tell the Republican Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, he took a trip with multiple stops in East Asia in August of two thousand fifteen this same year. So they compared apples to apples. Same exact same timeframe. The trip was led by Gardner who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, it costs twenty six thousand dollars twenty six thousand nine dollars and three cents because he flew commercially. And they only had premiums. Oh, jeez. So the Republican with his trip to East Asia where he's on the Senate Foreign Relations committee twenty six thousand dollars Pelosi and the Democrats one hundred eighty four thousand dollars. Yes. Almost one hundred and what year was this again, two thousand fifteen twenty fifteen okay. Not even speaker of the house. She was the minority leader. So isn't that interesting? That's why when the president canceled her flight, I thought it wasn't just Nancy Pelosi. There were family members. There were buses of people that were going on. Right. Exactly that were going on this trip flying via the air force. I don't understand why we allow that. I mean, she could she could very easily fly fly commercially case sly commercially in hurricanes again, she's she's more than capable of affording it she's filthy rich. These congressional delegations Coquelles, I'm you know, I don't think the average person is even aware of how often they occur and how much money is being spent to fly lawmakers around the world. There's obviously upside into having elected officials serve diplomats and have communications, especially if you're in the Senate, and your job is to handle some of these foreign things that makes sense to me that that you would be out there. I just think that there's government largess involved that we don't ever pay attention to and the president did actually something of a public service by calling attention to it unintentionally. I think he was obviously trying to stop Nancy Pelosi from traveling away during the shutdown. Also, he saw it as a big ways to tax dollars in the midst of a shutdown where we need to come up with some funding, but he called attention to something that a lot of people just don't even realize happening the millions and millions and millions of dollars that are spent to send lawmakers off to places like Italy eating. At incredible restaurants and being wined and dined on the tax payers Bill. That's happening. All the time is not exclusive Nancy Pelosi. It's not an exclusive to Democrats Republicans. Do it to you pick Cory Gardner? He obviously the Judicial Watch he chose to fly commercial and God bless him for it. But there's plenty of evidence of lawmakers just burning through taxpayer cash at reckless levels. Well, Judicial Watch has been doing this and so nine calling on Nancy Pelosi in what they deem abuse of travel perks in twenty sixteen. They released a statement saying that in the beginning of tornado nine they started filing foia acts to expose her abuse of travel perks. It's amazing Pelosi's military travel. This is as of two thousand sixteen cost the United States Air Force two million one hundred thousand seven hundred seventy four dollars and fifty nine cents over one two year period. So million dollars over two years. Just put this in perspective lower ranking government officials. Have to live by a standard. That is so much stricter than the one Nancy Pelosi is able to so she's got this like I can break four family members with it or whatever like this thing that she's invented for herself. My I know secret, my father is a marine general. He can't be picked up at his house. If a driver has to take him to an event he has to go to work in order to be picked up. He can't if he's flying to visit a military base. My mother can't fly with him just because the plane is flying there. There has to be an official government approved reason for her to even be on the plane. It is ludicrous to think that Nancy Pelosi is getting government taxpayer funded vacations day Italy. To that level on private jets. And this this is part of just another another example of those who make the laws don't live by the laws that they impose on the rest of us laws for the not hardly the two standard so kudos to the president on grounding initial watch yet again forgetting the details at five forty four and WMA AM Dacian.

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