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I'm the queen of soul Aretha Franklin along with our top eleven a city on a resume now listen okay so are we and you're playing with a friend on the national when the series G. this fall now coming to live and we have the final results what will be next hi is definitely struggling here a National Geographic he couldn't pronounce your name correctly I sticking a lots of pauses in his I really it was droopy yes yeah and you know yesterday morning he was replaced by Marcus Willis on live with Kelly and Ryan which led to speculation that he you know something happened like he suffered a stroke or something happen with his people are saying he's just adjusting to the new normal in finding work at home balanced with all this stress and you know he does work a lot in we always hear that the celebrities get over worked in their stress and they you know go to rehab sometimes for that so I'm not putting that off anyway but if you want to see it you could text Ryan are Y. a N. D. seven five seven one four I'll send you a link to your phone but you know the acronym is for signs of a stroke it's fast F. A. S. T. the F. stands for facial drooping yep the a star stands for arm weakness and the S. stands for speech so I think that's two out of three right there even the arm weakness you could see him leaning over okay well I have like a table he's like definitely leaning over but we were all wrong hopefully we're all wrong yeah man I would at least go to a doctor to get checked out or something you go to work the next day yeah so coming up in the next year Z. we have more movie rumors that appeared not to be reimbursed anymore.

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