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Your community you can always count on them to be there when you need them most plus when you bundle home and auto you can say so call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands our next topic updates in fifteen minutes they'll take a look at the W. O. R. weather channel forecast mild weather continuing in the fifties yesterday upper fifties at that today fifty six a white rain this afternoon early tonight around the showers thunderstorms quickly moving through the clearing after midnight forty four suburbs a little bit chillier tomorrow sunshine fifty four currently fifty one a W. O. R. I. meteorologist restate your new York's only live and local talk show for the rhino box sextet weeknights six till seven point seven ten W. O. R. that's the easiest way to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables balance of nature by simply removing the water and air balance of nature can take thirty one whole fruits and vegetables and put them into a quick and easy to eat capsules with just three fruit capsules and three veggie capsules you get the equivalent of over ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day that's a lot of stored energy that your body will love so if you're looking for an easier way to get clean energy go to balance of nature dot com in order your bottles of sunshine today don't wait to see what getting over ten servings of whole fruits and vegetables every day can do for you right now balance of nature is offering free shipping and thirty five percent off on any new preferred order of fruits and veggies start your journey to better health today by calling one eight hundred two four six eight seven five one or by going to balance of nature dot com and make sure to receive this special radio offer by using discount code W. O. R. when it comes to keeping Americans safe from corona virus this is the sound.

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