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Not accurate. And i know that you don't need great quarterback play to have fantasy production. Right blake bortles. During his jacksonville. Years was not playing great football and was crushing it fantasy. I'm just saying when. I'm a wide receiver. Dependent upon a quarterback like bortles was getting a lot of this production when events were playing prevent in the fourth quarter. Because they're up by forty two points right like a giants are stingy enough defensively. They're not going to be playing from behind a ton washington's not great offensively that i think this is going to be a shootout like i'm nervous about both these giants wide receiver sterling shepherd and kenny gallaudet. Who had ten point. Four fantasy points last week mike four catches sixty. Four yards was fine. Didn't look like we've talked about this. Kelly a lot in the past a little jekyll and hyde right like there have been some peak games. But there's been many more games where it's like right around ten points or fewer. Yeah but when we did last see well. Let's look at twenty one thousand nine. He played the full season. Granted is with matthew stafford but he was widely hammer nine and led the nfl touchdown. I know right no question and then last year of course he played at three four four games and had like the exact same fantasy point total all four weeks and you know he was delivering so when he's been healthy and on the field being good and look i thought he might be more limited in week one and that was not the case. It was a good sign. He played eighty five percent of the snaps at six targets and eighty-eight air yards but a four for sixty four in a good start. Considering how much practice he has missed so and that was against a really good denver defense by the way and we should mention that with daniel jones right if we do expect them to make a leap this year and it could still happen. He did have a really tough challenge against denver in week. One now is another one here against a really good washington defense. So we'll see you that kind of place cowboys game then for daniel jones. Yeah we'll we'll see. But i look i i hear you. I'm i'm i'm so read. What jordan ron wrote. This morning jordan. On of course has a great job covering the giants. He had a piece out. This morning went out around nine o'clock and it was just sort of over. Viewing the giants are more optimistic on on daniel jones right and i get it like. There's only so many things you can say about a team. But when i'm reading some of the things that they're talking about like y daniel jones is the truth. It's like yeah this guy like you know you see the hard work the effort he cares about football. I'm like great so do i. You know what. I was like worst player on a division. Three football team in the nasdaq right. So like my want to did not mean that i was good right leg. I don't know man. Like i'm just a little concerned. I know giants fans are and they've got a huge vision to make following this season. They might have to consider a different quarterback they also by the way first round picks art. Let's pick this game but stewart. Can i ask one. Quick question i ten. I only want to ask one okay But i appreciate the questions that i will save for later so it seems very obvious that if you've got one of the wide receivers tonight's game tear maclaurin probably already in your wide receiver spot. Because you're starting him right. When you look at these other giants wide receivers. At least the way i set my lineup. Neither candy golladay or sterling. Shepard must start wide receiver. So i wouldn't necessarily already have them preloaded in that wide receiver slot. I'd probably have them in my flex. If i played them last week. I just wanna say from a strategy perspective. It makes a lot more sense now. We're talking about this before the show. Make sure if playing one of these giants to move them into your wide receiver spot to give yourself more flexibility for the sunday games and the monday night game not in the flex just strategy you always keep that in mind anytime you have an early game always use of its affleck's if it's a running back you're gonna flex put them in your warning spot if it's a wide receiver you're gonna flex put him on the wide receiver spot. Just in case something's happened. Something happens and all of a sudden that flex spot that you'd earmarked for running back needs to go to a wide receiver or something like that and defined. You already talked about evan. Ingraham how she's not gonna play early. There's no tight end that were even considering for this game. Oh i mean good covered off a lot of money. He's a good player. Has been a good player for a long time. But i mean yeah too tight end leagues you know. He's not a not a top twelve play. Let's let's put the game i will go with. I'll start things off and matthew and i'm positive matthews listening right now probably on the espn fantasy. Facebook page I will take the washing football team. Well i'm twenty two point four nine thousand nine point six. Should i like clay project. I give my picker shy. Tell people go to espn plus and read the playbook which the previews up there already matchup ratings. The projections rankings analysis. And every other game for the week just just cut that this right right okay washington. Twenty-one giants eighteen okay mic story behind me of a story that i have to share in all right okay washington washington. I'm gonna take washington to i hate to say. It seems so obvious slate. Clean sweeper at there. I'll never forget. I went to a graduation. Speech was like fifteen years ago and they had the student body president. Come up and address the class. He was like mr off and he was like you know is very prestigious school. I could come appear and start by telling you about how of how fifty two percent of the people that are graduating today. Apply to and we're accepted into an ivy league university. And how twenty eight percent of them had a gpa over four point zero and the average sat score was fourteen ninety. I could do that going to. I was like my jaw dropped. I'm like i'm going to ask. Are you allowed to protest a high school graduation. 'cause i almost did i. Have you ever given one of those speeches ever given a college or like commencement speech before. No i haven't have you Usc usc their physical therapy program. I gave their graduation speed and that was back. When usc and miami were there was actually a real football rivalry there. So you have to make friends so i was like at that point. Usc was clearly outplaying. Miami by just reminded them that i remembered when they when they couldn't touch my time ama shoelaces so time when they gave one to see i did yeah well. I was valedictorian in my class. At full sail when i graduated from college. I remember that i was able to give a speech. It's a valedictorian mean big word. I know it's up to the show only valedictorians. She is far and away better at me than everything else. Yali right all. Yeah it's like forty five minutes south of here. I think that's pronounced right. I think you got anyways. Let's talk we're gonna come back and talk about rankings in just a second but first college football fans after an off season that felt a little more off than usual fans. Bill dr pepper. Invite you to celebrate because college. Football is back and so are the fans yes. It's the most wonderful time of the year again. The season of saturday's when rivalries run deep nacho cheese dip runs even deeper so crack open an ice cold dr pepper. Warm up your cornhole tossing arm and return to glory with an all new season of fans ville by dr pepper. The points fans no matter. What the sport b- at cornhole or another one professional leagues go through a rigorous process to select the best athletes for their teams. What if.

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