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And it's about four women, including her and EDNA savings malay- and Dorothy, Parker and statements malay- a who else Zolder, FitzGerald and one other person who I can't remember right now, and it's about them and their lives and Dorothy Parker had a hard she dealt with some shit. Yeah. It was she had a hard life. And then I think she left all her money to like civil rights. I believe she left it to the end of Lacey pe-. Yeah. I think she left everything. So she had which is bugging dope. So she turned out all right in the end. But she was all right along the way at the hotel just to give there. I did. It was I was still drinking. So I sure did I had several more. I it was interesting. I was like it was so wild. So I was like, wow. A lot of people here. Don't know the history of this place. Very clearly do and it was it's cool. It's great staff. That's very well trained and educated in the history of the place. So it was neat. Wow. We really we really went to town on this literary shit. They you speaking I won't be reading any for several months coming up because they're fucking airing the ARA Kelly trial on television. Going to as a tweeted, die of untreated bed sores process. Like you. It's very rare. We get like a Casey Anthony summer or like J moment. This is a real this feels like that very much. So I wanted that so badly with Chris watts but he led guilty. Like he admitted he did it, which is I guess good. But I I'm looking forward to to watching this, arcade. Triable they show it probably on like every station. I mean, it's probably court TV is if they have court TV land TV show. Yeah. And do that anymore. They'll probably maybe like, I mean, they might be transitioning back to doing that..

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