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All right. Now let's kick off our week five or pick ups for a week five on the waiver wire. And let's start at the running back position. I really only have one this week from the running back position, but it's not him Hines in Indianapolis. One of the more crowded backfield's when everyone's healthy, Marla, MAC missed week, four game against Houston in him. Heinz had his, you know, I guess, breakout game. You could say, nine catches sixty three yards. Two touchdowns. He's on pace for eighty. Eight catches this year. Jordan Wilkins hasn't done anything all year. Marla. MAC can't get on the field and they're playing New England on Thursday night, New England, one of the slower defenses. You know, they struggle a lot of times with these shiftier backs out of the backfield and New England game is probably be high scoring in the Annapolis might be down in. In any case, I like him Heinz this week. You know it was specially with the the by weeks in full force. Nahim Hines is worth a grab. He is owned and only fifteen percent of ESPN league. So he's available. And I like his upside PR leaks. It was. It was really weird to to see an hourly exactly what the breakdown in terms of how many Russia's Indianapolis had here going to try and pull up an in a second. They just weren't really rushing the ball at all sixty two pass attempts for Andrew lock in every time you look over your like, are they running the ball at all? Join Wilkins had the most carries at eight carries. They are just an imbalance team kind of like Tampa Bay the first few weeks even when they were doing well or ahead, they still just could not run in. That kind of seems like we're, we're the Indianapolis Colts are right now. As long as he keeps getting involved. Andrew luck has that history of throwing a lot of touchdown passes to the backs. We remember when Frank or was there especially NPR leagues. This is one of those great. Not great, but you know comfortable Rb two people, you can throw in there so that we don't have to sacrifice and give up a good starting wide receiver in the year. Yeah, I guess there's an for an honorable mention, Nick. Chubb is somebody as well. That is worth a look. He's only fifteen percent of leagues. He's coming off. You know, he's another running back this week. They had a breakout game. The rookie at three carries for one hundred and five yards. Two touchdowns basically to really long runs, kind of fluky didn't catch a pass. He's not getting the goal line touches, that's all Carl's hide. So if you can afford to take a flyer on a player, if your bench is big enough for you have a couple of players where you're just, you know, it's like a revolving door. You're dropping them each week and brand new players. You can find space on your bench for Nick job. A definitely pick him up is just it's hard to imagine him really getting increase in touches, at least in the short term with Carl's hide healthy and then do Johnson still, you know, getting most of the work in the passing game, but only owned in fifteen percent leagues. He's a rookie clearly has some upside. If you're thinking, you know more long-term, Nick job is. And other player, I guess you could. You could definitely pick up stash your bench. Yeah, he's probably gonna fit that category of you. Don't wanna drop anyone who's kind of guaranteed. Guaranteed touches or a decent ten point plus per week, flex player wide receiver. But if you've got like the Alfred Morris on your team come just sitting there soaking up. Rosser spot make probably is worth picking up over someone like an Alfred Moore's selling has got a little bit more upside. I wouldn't drop him. I wouldn't pick him up and drop someone who is kind of like a decent by weak filler just because who knows how long it wait with Nick job. If even kind of really earns a big roller non as you mentioned, he had a couple of long runs, but but if you're deep league and you've got someone like alpha Moore's really can't start for you and doesn't really have any upside..

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