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Grenada among hundreds of university students in afghanistan's capital he killed himself and wounded five students the neighborhood is largely hazara shiite minority often targeted by suny extremists attacker was wearing an explosives vest that failed to go off before setting off a grenade a new hit and run alert system has launched a new york city and reporter terry mccreevy has details named after john paul guerrero popular latin radio host known as dj jinx paul who was struck and killed my hit and run driver in two thousand sixteen whenever someone is seriously injured by a driver who flees the scene the system will send out information to the public including make model color and license plate of the car officials are hoping that if people see something they'll report it and healthy nypd may quicker arrests the driver who hit and killed garo was caught about a year after what happened wbz news time three twenty two interior secretary ryan zinke is defending his use of japanese greeting by responding to a question from japanese congresswoman zinke said konichiwa after he was asked by colleen hannah abuse of hawaii about plans to preserve sites japanese americans were interred intern during world war two if thought he was saying good morning japanese vanessa corrected him by pointing out it's a greeting typically used in the afternoon the spring without a significant storm number three heavy snow and co's loser condition snow coming down road conditions is one to three inches no emergencies at work by.

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