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Hey everyone this show might sound a bit different today because we're skimming from three different couches. . This is still working from home for the time being because of covid nineteen today Leslie Logic joins us on skimmed from the couch. . She is a trail blazer of the beauty industry leslie founded bare minerals, , which she grew into a global empire by tapping into the power of marketing and community. . And in two thousand ten, , she saito acquired it for almost two billion dollars while her new best selling book. . Pretty good advice. . Give some pretty great advice and is available now leslie were except to have you welcomed skin from the couch. . Thank you so much for having me looking forward to hanging with you guys. . We have been very excited to do this. . We met Leslie at a conference that we were at about almost two years ago year and a half ago we. . Didn't know who it was like we knew her name, , but we didn't know that she was the Leslie blodget. . We just saw this like friendly looking who was wearing this very cool hat and standing outside getting coffee and she came up to us in and you're a huge fan of the scam and when we realized it was you I think we both like didn't even know what to. . stadio. . So I think it goes to show like you have such a friendly personality and. . That makes everyone feel comfortable in talking to you and is also harshly how you are able to talk yourself into any room in in your early days of your career, , which we're GONNA get into. . So let's start off with our standard first question, , which is Skim your resume for us our. . Newspaper Out McDonnell's what did you do at McDonalds? ? Everything. . I started with like cleaning toilets and sweeping the parking lot and then moved up to making burgers it Max then at fit. . Two years of fit graduated in turned beauty companies. . Always wore is shadow since I'm little kid went to work in the industry or <hes> selling makeup behind the counter spritzing fragrance bloomingdales in New York City in macy's met my husband at macy's while I was working behind. . The counter is part of my resume I know it's a career thing is he's he's important. . Did he keep coming back or did he like ask you on a date while you were working at the counter? ? All right. So . I worked in macy's and part time because I was going to school and his girlfriend who's really cute. . Girlfriend had the same shifts that I did like. . He they lived in Brooklyn together and he would come in. . So she didn't have to take the subway by herself at nights. . and. . That's how we met. . We I I never knew the story Oh my God. . So he would he would come. . He was so sweet I kept asking do you have a brother friend and he did hook me up with friend once that didn't work out but it wasn't until they broke up a couple of years. . Later he got a number and called me so what I didn't break any relationship. . Okay. . That's a good story though. . Okay. . So keep keep going macy's macy's then got a job at Halston Orelon you guys probably don't know a Halston, , the fashion design end ud line I worked there for a little while then the big job was working at Max factor and then we were acquired by Revlon and moved to La? ? The company Max factor acquired by PNG and moved to Hunt Valley Maryland Maryland Baltimore had a baby in Maryland that was the best part. . Of Maryland then we moved back to la because Keith wasn't digging Maryland so much whatever, , and then he became the state <hes>. . Dad didn't have a career anymore after that I ended up being the breadwinner starting the kid was born and then were worked neutrogena. . And then <hes> San Francisco in here we are what is something that people can't Google about you that we should now. . Aren't. . So here's the thing to that I. . Don't have a Wikipedia page. . My team for years wanted me to build one, , but I had this issue with being. . Out there. . So I don't know what's out there and I'm very uncomfortable with what's out there. . So what would people not know about me? ? That I can play the harmonica and hula-hoop at the same time. . Did you do that growing up? ? On hula-hoop for sure the Harmonica, , I learned as an adult. . So I have a hula-hoop now as an adult that I use regularly. . So then I just combined two gifts that I have. . You write about a quote kind of stuck out at me. . The quotas get desperate I wanna dig into what that means because I think you know when in reading about your story like we've gotten to know you a little bit over the last year or so and I knew the high level part of your story. . But in researching for this, , it don't think I really could appreciate her understood how you really got your foot in the door and so I want to understand what get desperate meant for you. . Yeah I think for me. . I always had to work hard to get noticed it in everything I did and I think number one is my parents were divorced when I was nine and we were left with her mom not that there was a bad vanishes that she was the the strict one the tough one. . So I was always like driven to please her with I think a lot of kids have that too. . She was never quite one hundred percent. . Happy. . So I was always trying to please her. . So I was always going above and beyond to get the grades and to get on the teams and that type of thing because I wasn't. . We didn't have a ton of money growing up I had to be creative. . So by the time I went to two years of college and I. . My first two years. . It was rough because it was my first time being outside of my mother's like grip. . So kind of had a little bit too much fun when I realized that I had to. . GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. . My mother helped me figure out what my passion was. . I UNI but couldn't get in to fit I couldn't get a job behind the beauty counter, , which is what I need to do to get into the cosmetic program and I had to so learned that when I'm desperate when I can't seem to find my way is when I get most creative by when I'm at the bottom feeling down instead of being depressed for long periods of time I just started thinking what would I do in little steps to get there the story I have in The book is about Bloomingdale's I. . wanted to work there really did but they would not give me the time of day because I had no experience on mcadoo, , you have it if you don't get it the only solution to that was to just be in their face and I thought without being too annoying I'm GonNa go to the buying office. . I'm going to go there every day every morning I know when they come in because the first time I went and it was a very narrow hallway. . And I would smile and they would have to brush past. . We had to literally touch audience for them to get by, , and they just saw me every day and I think you don't persist Internet way just. . So dedicated to your personal 'cause I had no choice for sleeping on couches I didn't have a place to live. . They said. . Why don't you come in? ? We'll find something

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