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The news is brought to you by the big screen store be prepared there could be a little bit of snow to complicate your morning commute national weather service forecaster brian lazar so you should especially where the statement that guy fifty years of potential risers commuting condition and that because there could be a period of snow uh during the rush hour it won't be much snow he says if we get any but it's been so lately that wherever does come now is likely to stick and could make driving hazardous are full forecast is just ahead drawing a name out of a ball to determine the winner in a tied virginia house race is not going to happen today after all the virginia state board of elections has postponed the drawing after democrat shelly simon's announced plans for a court challenge christopher newport university political scientist quinton kids says the stakes in this race or unusually steep republicans want to hold on on your walked at this point would be a one boat majority democrats would like to tie it up so that there is powersharing simon's win would split the virginia house 5050 republican former virginia governor jim gilmore says he's thinking about a run to the us senate i certainly i've always believed in helping my country and helping my state so i'm measuring right now the central satisfaction with the people in virginia with a united states senator deal says he still hasn't thinking to do the trump administration's facing a new lawsuit in the wake of a texas shooting spree by disgraced former airforce servicemen the federal lawsuit filed by new york city san francisco and philadelphia alleges that the defense department has failed to report many service members who had disqualified from gun ownership the gunman in the november fifth attack was able to purchase a highpowered rifle despite an assault conviction at a 2012.

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