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Israeli elections are coming up on April. The ninth and Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister has been in a bit of trouble with some scandals, but his visit to the United States. And now, the visit of US secretary of state to Israel is becoming a campaign issue is the Trump administration playing favorites in Israeli politics. We're talking with veteran Middle East reporter Michael Friedman, the website for his work the media. The media line dot org. The media line dot org and hear is Sharon in crane, Missouri. Good evening, Sharon, but evening and Hello. Mr. greet say first of all I foster I have been a starch supporter of state of Israel since I was fifteen years old. And I'm not seventy one. I would like to know. What was the public prior? Or was there when President Obama sent his campaign millions to Israel's to openly affect the election. Well, pretty much every American president has weighed in on the Israeli elections. That's nothing new, and as you can imagine whatever side is not in office. Whenever side is on the other side of the president who at the moment is involving himself in the elections raises the ire of the people and you hear complaints over and others. Wouldn't it be safe to say all absolutely right now, we're in an unprecedented love fest? The when mister Netanyahu went to America this past week his residence at the Blair House. Basically, they gave them the keys and said, here's here's the house. I have a good time here two days with the president the White House, which is on crested entered the the open affection and relationship being built in that way. It's just perhaps older done from the standpoint of the people who wanted to happen. There you go too far, and it has negative repercussions. But yes, when when President Obama did it there was a lot of complaining by those supporting him and don't forget the Israeli population by and large. Well, there's about three hundred thousand American experts who get to vote in American elections. So it's not just the case of the bully pulpit or public opinion, you're actually talking about votes in in the national elections. So as we're talking about the impact on the Israeli election is. Israel plays a very strong role in the domestic American elections to in that that get good beginning to be in the reelection cycle. Now. So is you're playing a role of its own and that's standpoint. So we haven't gone both ways. All right. Thank you for your call. Sharon, one eight six six five O, JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six in terms of. The recognition by Israel. But I will certainly grant you that that the not all Democrats are for things like divestiture and the like, but but in terms of those who are actively engaged in politics in the United States, most of those who could be considered holding positions that are against Israeli national policy would probably be Democrats. I don't know the very many Republicans right now who are coming out in favor of let's say the Palestinians or or other other groups in the Middle East. So there was some reason to think that in fact there are. Legitimate ties if you will between the Trump administration and these rallies. Well, absolutely. It's playing out in a big way here. Everybody files it very very carefully. You know, the the Israeli support system in America has always been very sophisticated and very strong, and it was built in bipartisan isn't so really what will it all broke open during the debate over the Iranian nuclear agreement and once that started happening slippery slope was indeed in play. And now what supporters of Israel are seeing is the ability for they say, Democrats openly, the Democrats to not support or cut back on their support withholding support for Israel. And they they're waiting with baited rest for the response by democratic leadership to to criticize it to stop and say, hey, no, you know, th they're speaking on their own. We who represent the party, formerly we disagree with that we chastisement for doing that. But it's not happening. And he's is in one hand are confused, and it's. Really is on the other hand, they're saying, well, you know, we gotta stay with the people who who really support us. So it's becoming more of a Republican presence in the state of Israel for the American people as well as for these people now in terms of of American foreign policy, not in terms of Israeli domestic politics. And I I don't really know where all the various parties stand in regard to that domestic policy, but in terms of things of interest to the United States, which is pretty much foreign policy views are the various contenders in Israel, really that different. I mean, there are no that I know of out and out a pacifist's parties who want to to grant everything that the Palestinians want less things have changed pretty drastically. So I mean, does it matter that much to the United States who wins? Well, they're talking more general terms there, those who would simply say, you know, we want peace with the Palestinians, and that's code word for a lot of different things across the spectrum. We have what is deliver on that. But in terms of presenting oneself as strong on defense. That's key. There's two questions that are always asking polling and right now, the polls appear to be even in the first question the first question doesn't matter. So you're gonna vote for people. I it's just not an accurate measure. But in the last election when it looked like to now who was gonna lose our agency came forward and said, no he's gonna win why? Because question number two who do you trust the have your finger on the button at this time one hundred fifty thousand missiles in Lebanon, alone pointed at Israel, who do you want to be representing us or the ability to defend us and make those decisions? Well, again, it's Netanyahu head over here that just came out in the last forty eight hours strongly Netanyahu, very unlikely that he's gonna lose all right now. Now, I'm wondering has anybody in Israel election history ever won on a platform of my opponent is too closely tied to the United States. I'm more independent now. Yeah. I was always thinking that would probably be the case. So is it relatively new that such a close tie as we're looking at as even come up. In other words, says it's been an issue that often in the past. Well, it's not a bad thing. Or Israelis Israelis love that at all things American our love, and the fact is that the one thing, you know. You can have corruption charges and stealing all different kinds of things can be accused of the prime minister, the one thing that people of Israel won't tolerate isn't messing with the relationship with the American government and the American people so for a government to show that close affection. That's why Netanyahu's doing it. He believes and he has every right to believe that his showing close warm fuzziness with the president of the United States can only be good at the ballot box in Israel. And it is most interesting indeed Michael fruits in our guest. He is the co founder and executive editor of the media line that news agency, and we're looking at the visit of secretary of state Pompeii on Israel before the Israeli elections. And clearly the United States is having some impact on that race to say the least back in a moment. Our Texas weather goes from one extreme to another. And there isn't anything. My friends newspray haven't seen. Hey, folks. It's Chris SALCEDO have listened to newspray project manager Jack Mayfield. Well, with the weather in Texas, you run into a lot of rotted citing rotted, masonite peeling paint. And basically our jobs that come out there and give you place a facelift, we Paul that replace it with brand new material and maybe with a great looking house. One of the craziest things your guys have seen in North Texas houses, you know, we see mold we see rotted studs. We pull that stuff off in the whole inside of the house as you all know, it our homes take a beating in North Texas now news break.

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