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Flash Yankees dominance over the Red Sox continues make it nine straight wins for New York against Boston and 14 wins in 15 games are for the Yankees beat the Red Sox for two on Sunday night. Mike four with a two run homer and drove in three. Now to Miami pitch on the way he connects and ropes one deep to right field back towards the wall and bounces off the base of the right field Wall one run in to score a second run into score. It's a double out of Nick Markakis. Jim Powell on Braves radio. Braves beat the Marlins four Nothing. Nick Markakis drove in three runs on the scoreboard. Diamondbacks over the Padres 5 to 4. The Dodgers beat the Angels 8 to 3. Raise one the completion of a suspended game against the Blue Jays 32 and then won the regularly scheduled game by a score of 7 to 5. In the game that went eight innings. The Rockies beat the Rangers by a score of 10 to 6. The A's beat the Giants. 15 to 3. It was the Brewers over the Cubs 6 to 5. White Sox seven cardinals to the Twins over the Royals 4 to 2. Indians eight, Tigers five, The Astros beat the Mariners 3 to 2 fillies over the Mets, 6 to 2 nationals beat the Orioles 6 to 5 in the Pirates Reds game was postponed. At a college football. Ohio State quarterback just infield started a petition requesting the Big 10 toe immediately reinstate the 2020 football season. From the NFL, but Washington football team activated quarterback Alex Smith from the published he was cleared for football activity. Stanley Cup playoffs right now, at the end of one period of play Blues ING Canucks No Score finals, The Flyers beat the Canadians one to nothing. Blackhawks over the Golden Knights. Three toe won in overtime. Islanders to Capitals one in overtime, Stars five and the Flames four. Golf. Jim Herman won the Wyndham Championship. NASCAR Chase Elliott wins at Daytona are Peter Schwartz. Hey,.

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