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Biggest challenges still facing arizona homeless people have been ix were served a very special dinner where one thousand sticks fillets that's how many sticks jimmy walker with celebrity fight night says were given out to the homeless at st vincent de paul yesterday the group was celebrating the tenth year anniversary of it's never give up program on social services man or woman he of a garbage scale and you see that in our sit in our community valley chefs came together to cook the stakes marked lucchino with stake fortyfour was among them he was there with his young son i brought my son because it's a great opportunity for him to see how good things are four and the cno to give back to the community and start that at such a young age result the psotino ktar news some mesa woman has nothing but praise for a mesa police detective who gave her a lift into work literally off their battle it's really over shoulder and walk made a work yes you heard right detective brandon laven literally carry tabia warner to work during the february 24th phoenix marathon and mesa she had parked further from work than usual because our parking lot was blocked off and was halfway there when her legs gave out because of her multiple sclerosis levin said he was just doing his duty i just wanted to get her to work so i could get back to work as the and there's a lot of things that could have gone wrong if she cut fall on the roadway warner had a few words for him appear you for do what he never needed the deal and warner has a new nickname for detective laven officer atlas kathy klein ktar news dar news time eight thirty seven once again here's detour dan.

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