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You like voiced your wonderful singing. I love boys. Yeah. Like these kids today. They may be Goodson, but they start off in a high C and go into a way. Didn't sing songs like that. No, you know, you know I know that you were this. I know when the right one comes along, I know, but it's a I so give me a touch of the Italian Hey, Amani, Menial opposing it. A Golden River. Roman Doric will many to be a Sunday. Money, Young. You don't know You have no idea what you said. E want you to do just a taste of the matter Butterfly. That's the best one. Thing, but Madame Butterfly to make a jumper's is that LinkedIn attempted to Japan and emit a butterfly and they fall in love and she's she's pregnant. They get married. She's pregnant and he's getting on the ship. She's things to him the greatest out of room but Aria written by 100 School, whom building and she sings. Well, some a bitch given darling one door. Nothing fits. Oh, Livy, Madurese you love That's it. I'm telling you, it's your voice is still wonderful,.

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