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A Thomas King is here. Hey Thomas Martin. That's my man was five. Everybody has may have family to the poor. The hub of a light the point the point of cruise cameo on that king in all the on tees with their downstairs all the. Rt's orgy upstairs. Best Toddlers Kings. So I do times okay. Well stargate crazy when they're done. Yeah too much. Because of how religious beliefs couldn't go to the event? I have fire plans already. That's why go to the Louis John. Oliver was definitely in the building when he was in the building building. The last time that woman. So appearance She has a whole is been seen him. He bag or extra rally. Roundtree is here. Good WanNa ride our man. I know route trees Jay. We used to all hang out at boys back in the day with Joe Button. You'll right be what's up Bro. S. My bed that's right is up. I'm dying right Sean. You a mess. Wilson is in the building. Hey a show on good morning youngin is here. Hey agonized dray Shaw's in the building. Good morning dray. Every farmer is here. Hey Eric Maria chopped thunder sim. Man's Saab girl how long I've met Morita in the club recently when hospice playing music like a ship before and she came over to me and she was very kind and very nice last spoke to her and she tub big boyfriend. This Guy Johnson has been about six three. He wasn't even smiling. He just rolled up on us in the station. And it scared me to death. Cj Meritas has oh my. I didn't see him. He's you like Sean Husband Boba us. Like what up Okay Sir Jamaican guys can be intimidating. But he's a sweet he's nice. Yeah Nice Right. I can't showing a mess. Who Else we have in the building. Johnny whipper is in the building. Hey Johnny Morton C. Lynn Rooney. Hey krystal good morning Deborah Leslie Name. I thought I did the board. Hey Girl Serene Crowell. Hey cousin Martin they might stop line until you that. God took a Selfie sitting. Where you Kathy you know. We took a Selfie in the boyfriend. Got In the Celtics India.

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