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Bulletproof backpacks wall street journal education reporter saw hobbs on bulletproof fact tax than other safety measures a high school teacher in georgia has been arrested after police say he fired a handgun inside a classroom after barricading himself alone inside it happens shortly before noon at dalton high school yesterday about ninety miles north of atlanta nobody was hurt in a thirty say no children were in any danger it's believed he fired a single shot the dalton police department identified the teacher as fiftythreeyearold jesse davidson a social studies teacher who's been employed there since two thousand four is also the play by play voice of the football team the department tweeted that the teacher would not allow students into the room school principal steve bar to put my qian the door in a guinea slammed door before aquino clinton said don't come in here i have a gun and so at that point i put our school into efrat la mr davidson surrendered without incident no motive was given the school which has about two thousand students will not have classes today police say the 38 caliber snubnosed revolver was brought to school in a computer case president trump says he supports a senate proposal to expand background checks on gun sales that occur online and at gun shows the president was taking part in an hourlong televised roundtable as he tries for a legislative response to the deaths of seventeen people at stonemason douglas high school in florida two weeks ago in meeting with lawmakers at the white house yesterday mr trump also suggested the quick removal of guns from people who are potentially mentally ill they have can pursue common sense measures that protect the rights of lawabiding americans while keeping guns we have to keep the guns out of the hands of those that posed a threat in addition he does not seem to be supporting a move now for gun owners who legally carry concealed firearms in one state to carry them in the other forty nine states that's long been a goal of the nra on a related note two of the country's biggest gun sellers walmart and dick's sporting goods announced they would no longer sell guns to anyone under twenty one years old as we psychoanalyze the school shooting at than douglas high school.

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