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The body can a movie crush Chuck Bryant here next to Noah Brown sound so pleasant today, Chuck Mr. Nobre on stir Chuck Bryant as I live and breathe. You just realize we didn't sing it all in that last episode is that a thing we have to sing in every episode, and you have to mock me for being a Harry Potter fan. We well know and poke my whole. We we don't always sing. But it, you know, we've talked about this. It seems like we end up singing. That's true a lot. Sometimes for no reason, you just have to say. It comes from the heart a love that introduce you to the dance movie. Yeah. A few weeks ago? Yeah. The dance movie is it like is it like a drumline movie is like one of those man, see a dance movie. No, see footloose, for God's sakes. Is it like like one of those movies from the twenties with the big cakes and stuff, and everyone's yeah, it's a big kidding swimming? What it is. You know, what I'm talking about shock? Yeah. While the Cohen brothers got to sort of duplicate that in hail Caesar Scarlata. Yeah. I must have been so much fun. Yeah. Have you seen ballot of BUSTER Scruggs yet by the well, my friend that is on stream this and this very episode? Good to save it. Okay. I love that. Have you seen it? Yes. Well, we're going to do a little mini cross to judgment than all, right? Social studies is what we're going to start out with though everyone. Social. I asked you all few weeks ago. He could ask your favorite actor anyone question. What would that be? And he would go at DC Hoover Goodwin. He says I would ask Matt Damon? Why he never wrote another script after goodwill hunting. You know, what I have a theory about that?.

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