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Mates now and it's amazing. What time and perspective gives. But when you're in the heat of the moment and the competing. And i got so much at stake. You can understand how you end up in the position where there was no way. Sebastian was going to sit behind. And just follow his teammate. Hub turkey two thousand ten rolling them off now drive a number three. We're getting to number three turkey. Twenty ten the door white. Aw come together. that's going out. What was going on that. They've never seen such emotional reaction to from serbia. Pulled out likewise kristian horner. I wanted to ask you about that. From a management point of view. You're only five years into the gig and we just thought it. I just started winning accessible monaco to exit. If it gets race you can win. How hard was that for you. It was tough but it's all part of experience. And i think that we were on a roll. We will winning. Yeah i think you look back at it again. Circumstances sebastian you know with hindsight was too greedy and trying to move mark over too quickly got. He'd made the past. He didn't need to them bullying him on the other side of the circuit. So you know and you can't play mark for not yielding that point in time but it put pressure on the team that really followed through all the way to that twenty twelve discussion. That we've just had these moment. Shall we call them or incidents. Between vattel and weber. They one of the reasons you pushed so hard to introduce young guys from the program. I think it's always been a philosophy of rebel is to bring a young talent. Not just with drivers. You know me. I wouldn't have had the chance if dietrich honor said your chance. Out of what was formerly three thousand. That would it be formula two and so and i think the young driver program has been a huge successes port more drivers into formula one than any program and is harsh but delivers and quite a few drive as their careers to rebel. Giving them the chance. Sorry driving three driver. Number three has to be max for staff up to twenty seven days. Pre wins the spotty. Scroll phrase this so wait. A long world championship pre. He has again a dynamic into team particularly now with the experience that he has a the ripe old age of twenty three the he's performing eh any a phenomenal level and has been for the last two or three seasons now and i think that he deserves a car. The finally will now be able to provide him your car and engine to go and challenge mercedes and I think he's he's relishing. That how much is he evolved on an off track in the time you've known him a huge amount. I mean remember. He was seventeen when he joined us. So the difference between seventeen and twenty three is a big percentage of young person's life. And i think the maturity experience that he has now he's got his feet on us on the ground he's just a no bullshit racer that's all he cares about. That's what he wants to do. And you know when you put him in the car he's going to give you a hundred and ten percent. That's what makes him. I think so exciting to watch you just know imola this year starting p. Three on the grid is not gonna be there at the first corner. Sound away we for stafford get an expert reaction for staffing going into the temporary chicane hamilton. A little bit of a step leads. the amelia. Reminding you that kind of thing you know you're gonna get one hundred ten percent from is he better able to play. The percentage game now. Yeah i think so. I think he with that level of maturity. I think he's demonstrated that you know. Certainly in in some of the races this year i look back to two thousand sixteen and that barcelona grand prix. He was so young. Yeah what were you thinking. We all knew he was good. I think how the hell did he do that. Because we thought we put daniel on the strategy. Max managed to convert one. Stop whatever it was time into into a win if they can. How did he make the toss lost that remember. It was the most surreal thing. He'd never even sat in the car for the weekend. you know. just chuck him straight in a boom first victory. it was mental. Wasn't it fairytale stuff. And how much of a risk were you taking putting him in the car in the first place. There's a calculated risk because obviously options coming up within his contract and Daniel at the time than ill Caveat was he was struggling a bit and rebels in the privileged position where it has two teams and so therefore to make that switch so two purposes an elmo got a lot of flak at the time for that. But you know it was the right thing to do. It was the right thing to do. And it secured max for the long term that we could then start to build with and with max daniel we had you know three more years sixteen seventeen eighteen of fantastic combination with those two drivers. You mentioned daniel. We talked about him at the top. The show. do you think he's regretted leaving off. You'd have to ask him that using. Have you ever asked him not outright. I mean when he announced he was leaving. Reynaud gave me a cold in the shutdown. Last year i remember him. Saying you're probably thinking i told you. So and yeah. You did but that was his decision that he felt he needed to make at that time. And you know he's still. A great friend of the team is a great driver. I'm sad to see him having the struggles that he's having the moment but i'm sure he'll he'll come through them quote on checker if we could. What does he give you. The pierre an alex. Didn't i think he just gives us that experience you know. He's ten years of experience. He's go an ability to manage ties within a rice is second to none. And it just brings a different dynamic into the lineup. Both pierre and and alex of tremendously gifted drivers but timing just wasn't right and then the pressure environment that we have the expectation that it was. It was very tough for them. And i think that you know it was a bold move to step out of the scheme this year with chaco but the first time since mont weber. We've taken in on rebel junior driver. But the way he settled in the waste delivering particularly after that victory and bahrain. Last year would have been very tough for him not to be in formula one thing he brings the dynamic in the fight that we have with mercedes you know that starting to pay dividends. You saw that in the french grand prix and also azerbaijan. Getting his first victory. Before the way he. He fended off. Louis louis would probably won that race. Had it not been for check. So he's he's absolutely delivering. Are you continuing to commit resources to twenty twenty one. Or where are you back at the factory in terms of. Where's the focus going to let this one slip. I read with interest. People say yeah. We've turned off twenty twenty one and we're we're race team. You know twenty twenty two guys. They all count. All the is count years good as you lost race in this business. So of course we continue to put effort in an push and if that means working a few more hours and drinking a few rebels. Everybody's pretty motivated at this point in time so The pain is worth the gain. Would you sacrifice twenty twenty to get this one across the line. 'cause the expectation in this business is that you got to deliver pogo to deliver this year and then we go to deliver next year. So you've got to balance your resources accordingly but but race team and you you roll with the circumstances that you have if you need to improve the to improve it you can't say well we'll leave that till next year you punchy. I can save save energy europe so absolutely nothing. That is a great place for the teams. Have been and we've worked hard. I think we're massively excited about the future. Patrick story how that's going to unfold and future's bright if you win the world championship when you think of not forfeit. That would be the wrong thing. Wouldn't it but christina jumped in the pool at monaco. Yeah you can forget that you can now city. Forget that tell you what you can do. Something make what could you do. I'd like to see. I don't know well. Maybe you can get the listeners. You know right in. And what would tom cox. What would you have him do if rebel were to win. The world championship christine. Thanks so much for your time. It's great it's lovely to hear. I was gonna say talking bull on. Our podcast was very polite on your mom or we. We give all the details. But i've been polite on. Ios has been lovely talking to your.

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