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World bank i think that will need at least sixty billion dollars for the recovery so we start we have to start discussing who's going to put that money columbia is willing to contribute because we're going to be celine much of one in venezuela needs the food the input for the manufacturing sector the pharmaceuticals that the population needs aides as long as this tragedy continues you're still feeling affects spillover effects we have half a million venezuelans now linian collegue he's actually we give them foot we give them shelter we give them medicines we give them education for the children it's part of this solidarity of columbia these are countries are vague close families that leaving both sides of the border so we have that's why we're worried that this increases because we could not deal with a million or two million but the longer they are that the more the there was a permanent to that staying that yeah and so far they have found jobs and they are making a living in colombia but will we went to me create awareness that this is something we're doing with our own funds in colombia with half a million venezuela's by we cannot do it with a million or two million news justin to cnn ahead of hawaii's emergency management agency has resigned a preliminary investigation into that false missile alert sent to people in hawaii on january thirteen th showed that the employees who triggered the alarm seemed confused and froze after sending it and that person in question has been fired will not even a president trump is immune from the problem of fake social media of followers twitter is promising to tackle the problem we look at why it's so important have enough bear to lisa malone i'm the host of the film struck podcast is showing made by filmlovers full film love is we have great conversations with people working behind the scenes in hollywood movies like liz hannah and josh cigna this is an incredible story is the very first feature film script for liz hannah she rochat without knowing if it would ever make the big screen and then three months later i got a call that stephen tomen merrill we're all reading it and that they were really thinking about doing it so that was the sort of the best and most terrifying phone call i've ever gotten can you imagine your very first feature film bang made by steven spielberg and starring tom hanks and meryl streep make sure.

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