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Before this episode is over, I will have played my five favorite sexy time zones. Snippets of them so that you can just get a feeling of like, what? Let's man the mood. I'd like to make sure that everyone knows that this is not a commercial to dive in my DM's with what years? Actual palaces. However, it is more actually just like a nudge in the right direction for those or listening to say like, oh, maybe I'll include that into my sexual repertoire or maybe I should do that for others when involving my sexual repertoire. You know, I have lived a very full life. And Thus I can recognize greatness in all areas from arch shoe music. Two. This x.. Myself a. Was were for someone who pursues excellence in all areas. Now, of course, this is my podcast, so it's all about my point of view of this, so don't get me wrong. Everyone has their own point of view on what is great sex to them. This podcast episode is all about what is great sex to Amanda and perhaps can introduce you guys to some thoughts about how you can elevate your sexy time. To be sexy. Great. Sex takes your breath away. Great. Sex has daydreaming the highlight reel throughout your next day, create sex is like the time I asked my homeboy, what is good pussy feel like? And he said, good puts it field like home. However, this episode is all about great sex, and I have to remind you though the great sex contribute up, it can get you stuck and it can have you suffering from what I call s. t. s. sexually transmitted shoe, pity. All right, and I got a lot of folks who know what that means. Some dick whipped. Some dick matai is I call it sexually transmitted, should pity when all of a sudden because of the GS the great sex, you no longer can discern, is this good or should I put up with this or should I let this go? Yes. The shit that's happening outside of the great sex, if it's not good, let it go. But today for once we're just going to compartmentalize the enjoyment of some good old fashioned stroking. I think we should drop some gyms. I always feel like I could be a lot better about like my health and just managing the balance of nutrients and things I'm putting in my body. I'm always on the go. I'm always running around and I'm the kind of person where it's like it's five o'clock and I'm like, damn die each day. Now, because of that, I've been trying to be more conscious and that's what ritual comes in because ritual is really a healthy option for filling in the gaps in diet and checking the box every morning. Right? So it had vani benefits. It makes it hair skin nails better. It's only omega three that actually tastes good. I mean, when you open the bottle, you can actually smell like, oh, this is, and I mean, vitamin d and ritual the first vitamin I remember to take because I'm lacking by them and they make it so easy because you can just set it up to where it gets delivered to you every month. You don't gotta remember to go refill on your ritual. Also this very good. Women's specifically, right? It's vegan, it's sugar free. It's non GMO gluten free. It's free. It's all the freeze y'all. It's all the freaks. And like I say, like the mint, the mint scented, like in the bottle with the oil like it, just it just feels like, you know what? This Melville good. It must be good. And I think that's a real thing that we do in our minds like we have to decide that something is going to be good by how it smells. I know that's how I am. I've definitely turned out. Ooh. Now was scripture base..

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