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I just think when the when the lion situation came up and Darrell Bevell came opened, I think they're probably gonna wind up going back to that. Honestly, I think you could see a situation there where they go back to that are you know there's other ways to go. I just I Pete Carroll, it's It's so weird because they want to run the ball. Like their philosophy is to run the ball. So you firing. The guy wants to run the ball it that I don't you know the whole thing just kind of messing with me a little bit. They say there's philosophical differences. I think Brian Schottenheimer wanna let Russell the ball a little more and be character them didn't Yeah, It's one of those things where you look at their group of running backs. He's okay. They've got some players, but they've got a top three quarterback for my money. If I'm drafting quarterbacks, I'm not getting probably past three with with Russ, at least at this point, and so and now that he has became Metcalf and some other nice pieces. It makes locket and Maura lot better because that guy was so darn good. That you would expect that what you saw earlier was gonna be there approached the whole way, but it almost seems like they regressed. Let's keep it close. And then hopefully Ruskin can cook later, as you said there, Ben, but I just don't want to see Russell's talent muted and it feels like that's kind of what Pete wants to do. Even if he's saying he doesn't want to. With Brian Brian Schottenheimer anymore. Yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see what they ultimately do there, and I mean again, you're right there. A lot of people are saying let rescue let Russ cook. But there were times when he would make mistakes. And, and he certainly is a much better quarterback with a talented running game, including Chris Carson when he's being utilized effectively. Let's go to the Broncos here because a lot of people are kind of waiting with bated breath. What's gonna happen with the GM today? We found out that they had an early zoom call with Terry. Fuck. No. And then George Payton came to town and he was here for a little while. When? What are you hearing right now, with the latest in the GM search? Well, I think there's a couple things. Font. No, is a guy that really impressed them that they didn't is that they don't know what to expect. They just didn't go into with any real expectation. I think what? I heard talking people that I trust. Is it, champ. Came in and maybe impress them more than that. They were hoping for a more than maybe they expected because you see somebody a certain way, you know, it's kind of an old saying may be in a lot of a lot of businesses. But right now you and I can speak to this in our business. That the best way to get a job or to impress your bosses to go get a job across the street and film. You can do the job and so with champ leaving. I think that Jon and Joe probably now see the growth that he's had, and Vic only knew him in his role in Chicago. So With champ while he feels like a distant third, at least certainly firmly in third place. You had thought no impressing them. But Peyton was always a guy that they knew coming in, had the best credentials. He's a guy that I've been offered GM jobs, other places, and so if they messed with him philosophically, he was going to be the leader in the clubhouse, and I think he firmly remains that the thing is there's six openings right now. Or maybe it's five. If I guess. The Texans was six. I believe there's five openings and these guys are in play for other jobs. So the Bronco's can't wait too long if they decide they like 11 of them, But you know, I saw Ben's tweeting and I had mentioned something similar last week or, I guess was that Friday that I think they wouldn't mind having Rob. I'm sorry, robs his nephew George Payton and Champ Kelly here as a combo, potentially or maybe even terrified, known champ Kelly as a zoo combo, But, uh, you know, it's a long minute answer to say, I do think this is gonna happen quickly because those names are in play elsewhere. If they like one of them, and let's just say, for the sake of conversation. It's George Payton. They don't want to wait a day or two for the Lions to get a second interview with him, Don't mean it won't happen anyway. You may be on his way to Detroit by tomorrow. Who knows? But I think that they if those were the three names have zeroed in on and it's one of those two. They got second interview. They're gonna want to pull the trigger sooner than later. Yeah. I think this decision is gonna come this week. I don't think that you're going to let everybody get away and then be stuck with well, who do we settle on? The Broncos don't wanna be that organization will be perceived as that organization. I also don't think George Payton. Getting out of the building today is an indicator that he's second to Teri fought in order Anything else? I think they just want diligence across the board. I saw a lot of speculation about that on Twitter that a lot of speculation on, uh, nonsensical speculation on what George Payton would do with the quarterback position. That was reported fact is trying to say that he didn't you know, I'm gonna bring in a free agent. You say goodbye to drew locked all this other stuff. First of all that had been decided second, well paid work on the pro player personnel side of the house. Of course. He was involved in free Agent acquisition quarterback for the Vikings. And third of all, the Vikings drafted plenty of rookies in that span. Ponder Tamara's Jackson. What's the other one of missing Teddy Bridgewater s o, You know, e think people need to calm down. I understand. Everybody wants to information wanted now, But how about we have a little patience? Let this thing play out. Well, I I think that's a great point, then and one. They're they're respecting the process to themselves. Right? It's different when you have a free agent in the building, and you say, we're not letting him leave. That's because this is a guy that you want to help your football team on the offense or defense. I guess special teams that we don't really do You hear those stories where the kicker wasn't allowed to leave a city or a building, But you don't want a guy to get back on the phone with his agent to go to the hotel or to make his way out of town. If you want to add them to your roster, and you don't want them talking. The other team's about more deals and Bring it. Play out longer you want You wanna get that deal done. I think this is a little different because this is such an important job. Right? You're you're read your reshaping the entire football operation. I understand you're gonna get rid of everyone top to bottom on the team side on the scouting side on the personnel side. All of that, but Philosophically. There's going to be an adjustment in the change. You want people. They're gonna match up with you. I think In the big picture sense and gonna help pick the players that he wants. And the guy that Jo Alice is gonna be proud to let run the team and John Elway right under him for as long as John's around, but You don't want to just because you had a guy in the building said, Hey, we have to sign him because he may go to the lines. And something tells me that Even if George Payton does get an offer from the Lions, he will let the Broncos no. Assuming that there's a chance he wanted. He wants one job more. The other vice versa. The Broncos making an offer, he'll let the lines no. Hey, the Broncos offered me a four year contract for this Do you guys want Imagine we want to talk about this is Agent will obviously you would think, but S Oh, yeah, I'm with you, Ben. I don't think you read too much into it. If it goes a week or two, and they haven't made any moves, and you say, Okay, what are they doing if they had more zoom interviews with either of these candidates or personal or added candidates? We saw her. Detroit was talking more people today for the first time. There's nothing wrong with that, either..

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