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You're you're most proud of or something that you love. it's. I've got a bunch of things that i love but the one that i would have to say. This is the coolest simply because it's not because that was a baseball player. So baseball stuff means a lot to me One year a girlfriend of mine said if you have anything for christmas this year. What would it be. And i said an autograph. Baseball glove from brooks robinson. Because brooks was from arkansas you grew up in little rock north and I just loved him when he played with the orioles and So i thought that's never going to happen. But if i can have anything that's what it would be. And she chased him down. She got all the publicists and everybody else on the case and christmas morning i open it up. And there was an autograph book a brooks robinson glove and it said And of course the glove from him. That's the thing because was fielding you know and it said from a huge fan brooks robinson. I'm like brooks robinson knows who i am. I'm done this. This this is all fine. But i- speaking brush roberson. I have a sports trivia question for you. Oh gosh okay yes. No everybody misses one guy. Baltimore orioles i think was in seventy four twenty game winners. Who were all four of okay. You're going to name three of them for sure. Okay palmer okay choir okay. I'm halfway home. Gosh who else is that. Nobody's saying nobody's getting in my ear right now. Okay bill mcnally molly there you go. You just got the three that everybody gets in the fourth one is who's the fourth one dobson. I would never have gotten that nobody ever does. So we're billy bob. I guess than before he thought a break i'm mandated asking. Did you ever put on the brooks robinson. Glut like literally put your hand. I put it on but boy do i protected. It's i i finally put it in plexiglass. Because it's you know the name might rub off you know you don't want to do. That's a that's a real dandy thing mcguire also gave me a bat right after he broke it you know after he broke the The mayor's autry. He broke his bad to grow. Grounded out to third..

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