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She comes up for reelection or attempt to reelection two years time the issue really is. She is not probably keen on getting too close to Americana Trump because they didn't want to be played as a fallen in the battle between American the US Trump has obviously a bigger consideration about how to deal with China being, you know, having Taiwan as useful point in that guy. I mean that would be something that wouldn't really suit Taiwan on the other hand they want to buy too much with China's hippies trading pumps like seventy percent. Seventy five percent nitrate is with China. What are they doing? So they're gonna policy cool to go south policy of trying to find other partners trying to reach out to the international community. And basically making sure that their alliance is a strong enough. The people know that wouldn't be acceptable for a flag democracy to be attacked by known democracy. So they're just trying to help that. Line at the moment. Kenny ban from King's College in author of China's world, thank you very much for joining us on monocle twenty fool. You're listening to the monocle daily in a moment we had to Florence the latest on the pity woman's but trade show, but I with time at twenty three twenty five in Rome twenty to twenty five here in London. His a summary of the latest world news headlines. The US President Donald Trump says the refusal of funding for Buddha will with Mexico is a growing humanitarian and security crisis. But in a recent televised address, Mr. Trump didn't declared a national emergency that would have bypassed congress to fund the will he reportedly walked out of a meeting with Democrats held to try to resolve the standoff, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May's losing space to maneuver politically. After the British house of parliament voted. She must set out a plan B, the Brexit should check his plan. B voted down at a crucial contest in the house next week. If Mrs Maes plan, eighth fails, she'll have just three days to silt out another option and a former minister in Israel has admitted spying for Iran, Ghana and Segev who is an energy minister in the nineteen nineties. This to be jailed for eleven years. Israeli Justice ministry says he reached a plea bug enough to confessing to severe espionage passing information to an enemy country. You're listening to the multiple daily. You're listening to the monocle daily with me Emma, Nelson, and let's head to the spectacular city of Florence pity warm. Oh, the Florentine menswear trade show is in full swing who's twelve hundred brands being showcased where we needed someone to do the heavy lifting for us, a Monaco's fashioned Edison. Jamie waters is the men taking on the task in between mouthfuls of spaghetti, Jamie. How is life in Florence tonight? Yes. It's it's pretty good ever really can play. We've just been out having executive that having spaghetti and sit of Nagorno knees. And it's you know, it's a it's a beautiful city to Bain, although very chilly at the moment these freezing. But inbetween taking a welcome break from all the eating and drinking at there's a small matter of PT womb. Oh, how is that Bain today yet it's been really good on its very busy this season. Awesome. Winter is is a is. It's a it is busier than the the psalmist season is just a kind of big industry. But to that we we were at one of the big drum way shows tonight. And so what he does really. Well, I mean, the the main event is the Fortezza the bus on. That's where you know days twelve hundred brands have stance and everything, but then they also host these special sort of rock one off runway events runway choice today. There's only one to feature designers who stays these kind of spectacular shows. I one of those tonight, and the designer was why projects which is a prison liable. It's the credits is a Belgian guy code Glenn mountains. And it's a very very respected brand. That's very cool at the moment. And what's so good about PC? The bees runway intensive design is is that they have they have time to for these my shirts time, the paper to off the paper to kind of absorb the shows talk about them off to it's it's really inexperienced. What happens in Paris fashion? Waco milan. Is this such a tight schedule that people are just running between shows?.

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