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Indeed, eighty five sixteen and Brian combs is in here. The big news. The big big news yesterday. The pending retirement of Marty Brennaman one more year. One more season will be this year from opening day March twenty eighth to a close of the season. Marty Brennaman will be doing his last stand has reds play by play man. The question has become who replaces Martin not that he could ever be replaced. But at least who will be in the booth with the primary job of describing reds baseball for the twenty twenty season. A couple of people said they won't be doing it. Thom Brennaman has made it clear that he doesn't wanna leave. Fox Sports is not interested in the radio job. Jim day said last night seven hundred wwl W that he doesn't see himself as a radio play by play man, though, he enjoyed a couple of games he filled in last year. And may do a few this year. I'm not sure, but he wants to stay on the TV side. So I guess that opens it up to the similar competition when Marty replaced Al Michaels some forty six years ago. We'll see the us the play by play guy who wasn't Pensacola to do some work this year as like the third man in the booth with with a cowboy who was definitely staying on. Reg did say that Jeff Brantley will be here for a few more years at least he's under contract. And I know Bob gasoline said he was pleased that there will be some continuity. It won't be a complete change. What's Marty's gone? Yeah. Big news. And I guess a big made sense to do it for the the affiliation. Yeah. I think you really lunging and felt good about that. Said you'll never know till the end of the year and explained yesterday that the castellinis talked him out of it said it wasn't fair to reds baseball fans. And that. Not let them know as well. So Marty agreed. Okay. Coming up at five thirty. We're still waiting for that snow and freezing rain to hit the tri-state this morning. It's back in Indiana headed this way. Doesn't look like it's going to be too much of an issue. This morning. Five thirty on NewsRadio seven about five eighteen right now five eighteen recall tad Commons. He was the teacher who took off with a fifteen year old and they traveled across the country, and they were somewhat in love. And even after the fact, maybe a year after the fact, I mean, she was claiming that she was fine with the guy, you know. But of course, it's kind of illegal. So anyway, she was fifteen they took off in two thousand seventeen they were gone for about a month was sentenced finally came down twenty years. You had a good time twenty years in prison. The federal crab of crossing state lines to have sex with a minor and obstruction of Justice it s for the minimum sentence of ten years arguing if they had not cross state lines. He only would've faced two to four which is kinda stupid. When you think about it? Prosecutors however called for the thirty year sentence claiming Cummins took advantage of a vulnerable girl who had been neglected and abused Cummins already have been suspended from his teaching job back in February when another students students all him kissing the victim. A month later, he and she disappeared. The teams father reported her missing Cummins was fired soon after his teaching license was revoked he's got nothin'. They were found in a cabin in a remote part of California in April twenty seventeen. And she said she was so hungry that she resorted to eating flowers while in captivity. So not a good provider. Have five nineteen right now. We'll get to Jay Ratliff and a couple of we will check our sports. We'll check traffic. There is a headache. Southbound seventy five or do believe around Walton is shutdown and try to get an update on that. Just ahead. Seven hundred wwl w Alexa. Inform me getting seven hundred w w from iheartradio. Iheartradio.

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