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This day. I must've forgot rolling. Just baby top-35. On zone last year number one coming in. Hey Sa Paul Logan Logan Paul Joshua released New Mexico Nationally. Priestly hold on hold on slowdown. So let me claim Let me clean my win. Will be preaching they've Ruiz's Eisai will be preaching. There is thirty six point. Six million a Mexican Americans in America. Josh exactly 'cause Joshua's UK fans shit on zone. They can't even watch it. On Czars. No I gotTa make sure I gotTa make sure my audience knows that nobody from the UK counts on that. Okay Jada they get to watch it on sky sports okay. I mean listen listen. How do we got Morgan vans than he got you gave is? That's my question to you. Champion number two was Sergei Coppola versus gunmen Mexicans like the goal and say Paul. Oh Oh my fucking idea get royalties I get no respect. Rodney dangerfield style. That was my idea. Yano at at least you know it at least Yano and that's all the matters like I say every day I'm a Gemini. I got ideas for days. Y'All Eddie won't take my call but he's still my dear. I should dig up the interview in Texas to his ASS. Remember when you told me though you know what I mean now you I fucking youtube in it up. Let's go let's go Chan. I'm hi his fight week. Baby I WANNA talk about the number one heavyweight in the mother fucking world only around the talk about King Nero Mer which has come on. Wait wait wait please. Law Let them not be Cannella chats and if they all change. I'm just changing law. This is a bow out. The heavy weight of the world get a glare set him. No one watches on that obscure out. Here we go now though. Did one million dollars went back to six hundred K. For Twenty Bucks and this is coming from CR V. necks living in the past. Canola used to be the face but the seven zero four says six hundred watching smash data like buddy. Don't know about job but we worked. See why pre comes in and says sixteen feet if five strides so did six seven water fast new or strikes back that take your Ip l. a. a Mi- a mite. So what if his Roman Chocolat? Doing the fire strives may get this man out here okay. What if what if what if it's me during the five strikes against Roman against Roman how old fifteen months fifteen feet is far stras for any human being it S. CRV says cannetto offer. Billy Joe Saunders. Three million water opponent Ortiz Guy. Seven million pay per view. Money can pay per view pay per view. Pay Pay pay per view. Saying can't you can't leave that little fact out. Kenley fashion offer or two seven. I think it was a pay per view. I think it was the site that idiom offer Ortiz seven million in they said Abra. Y'All can't give us no less than any off because we turned that down. Because you guys said you guys GonNa Take Care Of. I think I see more. Honestly we're gonNA talk about this. I see more business move. Eddie has two options. Torri options for Kennel in his camp. Billy Joe Saunders Dmitri Sandra Encounter Smith so he has a hold borough again. It's a strike if he tells them all whole Dow if he tells them all listen. Durban Tanko Point Five. I think you deserve XYZ. We're holding out and he's probably telling them all JOE. I'm making Andrea. Hold out for this. Uh Nor billy's not gonNA take less than this Andrea and then tell calum like calum billy orange taking it for less you know. He's putting his team on the same because now is Canal Dallas options. Okay Okay you don't WanNa find my gosh cool. Go do sign over there. Do you want that triple that you keep telling the world you don't want plus triple j just reported that he hurt his leg so he ain't ready. They no way he's going to be ready. I know call the mentioned that there's no way he's ready. He just pulled his sediment off. I bet so so now. Canales run an option. So that's when we seen even off a California I say Holy Shit Fuck Your. They said the rumor was the offer. Keller play on Michael Carbon. Just tweet right so plant says no so now. That's another less option. He's running out of options. He might contact Bob for Gilbert. Oh but remember go. Bertha was allegedly rumored to be getting out of his contract. He's running out of options. Freddie Freddie I meant to say Eddie's putting a strong whole because he got three important players this is business one. Oh one option as a guy that ain't busy all right who tomorrow Shiloh. And she ain't gotTA fight grant again. You be there again but the rumor was. He offered him a on offer that I mean we've seen stuff from credible sources that he offered an offer so he's going out of the boxes. What I'm saying and Eddie has a big part to play in keeping three of his guys away. Even rider is his remembered. I wanted to make the office suite enough. Danny got my office. We Enough Yogi if you WANNA fight you and that's what I'm telling you. Maybe the offer is sweet but because I got three players sweeten it up more because I'm can give you any any name. He knows Brooke if you don't want to get us. If I just put on Billy on this Kevin Smith you pay per view in a stadium sales about thirty forty thousand. Haven't come out big ADS. Fight over there Andrei Sarah Lee. He'll find a circle or fight. He can fight Gabe Rosado. Andre thank you for the gate North Gate. What did they do fine? It's a common opponent with a lot of people coming up on him with Charles comment upon which are low common opponent with Daniel Jacobs. It does way more than I can. One day in fucking Luquillo all this more than that. What they what is it doing more than I bro? I don't watch hockey one day live. I didn't watch Luquillo. Live like if you WanNa get me live at least do challenge triple g depending there with Murray the billionaire Daniel Jacobs he been in there with Charlie Jacob Building of. Oh no he ain't been with Jay goes but he was able to. He fought lawler Djamil. Gay For several Jim now before Peter calling him and he'd been there with quilting is what I'm saying. It's a better. Barometer is a listen I know? Gay got a lot of losses but so did align. This Alito is not a barometer so did so then Hustle Soto Karaz and he was able to get a win over Andre Berto on in history up becoming do. He's a champion. It ain't no fucking around eight my friend and I get you but the problem. Is he still fighting knocking one days? And leuke La's all I'm doing all. I'm doing is matchmaking slightly better I'm Lisa I'm slightly better. The Fuck is art in one day. He has four fights already on matchroom and I can only remember them to names. Won't you help me help him? Rain He fell he if I I don't know what that is. Who is that you know when you see you? So you don't know his name. I just told you. Okay fucking Andrei. Doing okay okay. So after after Wolverine who full after move rain that cares car so he oh he fall. I can one day I Walter. And he fought. He fought Walter Akinwande. I on on his debut on Zone in Boston. When Billie Joe tested positive for nasal spray for the bill after that he defended that vacant title Versus Ardor Aca Cough Aka Wolverine. Who Billie Joe beat before him. He went twelve rounds with. Actually he wanted to get a job if you go back and Actually Watch that. Fight the The hometown decision Joe came in out of shape lackluster performance and rain. In my opinion enough to win that site on all scorecards and they just Robert at the night and after that he fought celebrity who Jacobs beat before him and after that he fought Luke keillor so maybe Celeski who beat reside owes someone can say but he already demand to be demand but in my opinion. Rosado is more popular than Celeski. Aca Call Akinwande and Luquillo. Someone can argue with me. The LUQUILLO bring some sort of international flavor being from Ireland. I won't debate background rain Shit. Well there you go there you go i. If you can't get Andrea fight you can give them that fight. But let's look at box wreck Thailand by career and never gonNA fight. We got canal. Oh I could be a champion at one sixty and I mean just rundown this bro so you can see the reality of what's going on can Nello I pick one gennady. I'm busy until Cannella picks me Chris. Eubank I'm busy with Charl- Charlie. Oh I'm busy you. Bank dimitrius unknown hymie unknown d'oeuvres Ymca Fido during if if an Oscar you WANNA make a move in and try to tack that. Wbo Car they coming from off-key for a and they were champion so they may have some kind of right at Wbo. What's this guy is already? The number one is not gonNA take it remember. He was trained as a Erik Morales. They're not gonNA rush nothing wounded they can get it and they might be the biggest fight for Andreotti. Then I'm GONNA rush into it but like okay. That would be his biggest fight so far d'oeuvres in Chanko. That's a good fight but you heard you heard kief Conley and Lou Dibella on this show. No office is performance radioed Marotta. You heard he's off the table for Canelo and he's obviously not gonNA face any of the seven names. We just mentioned. Maybe we don't know who he possibly could go and fight Somebody who maybe maybe Triple J he's injured he. Maybe maybe he can stick entree over there and where in Japan Japan okay if Andrea is will if android in his father lifelong trainer or willing to go to Japan. I think that Andre has gone to the UK. I'm not sure where the Brian Rose Fijacko Klay over there. Okay Germany Germany somebody okay. I don't know how differences because I know Japan ain't that that's that's like another day so I don't know brother because Brandon Rios look like Shit versus Louisiana Tech. That guy go up behind him if he take it. Go Stellar Gay. But that's the thing that fight big with Andre. It may not be. That fight is big Canadian. Canola with aim bigwig. Andre Andre gets it. I'm a hybrid. Like is big. I think we're autumn. Mirada can bring people out. We seem to Kinda cry and Japan. Br Anthem saying like Andrei GonNa have to go over to a five down the states. Let's move on. What is Jeff Han? During he beats a fi pay for. He's actually FAISI fighting. Tim Zouk son of Kosta Zoo. So he's so he's off the table. Which would've been a decent name for Andre? Let's be real. He's not fighting with sixty again but he is the one sixty cam said. That was wrong away. They're not going back up to one sixty and that's what I'm saying. Get that does oh money. Maybe THAT CHANGES. Jeff has a naming four-pack. Y'All lost Terence Crawford beat the FIDAI. You know about the beat. Tim Zukas Tim. Zoos never been on this level be shutting Knezevic in rounder. Going down the line. We don't want Liam Smith again is LIAM SMA. Fight that you want. I don't I don't want them Smith. I think the First Andres an salad fight as it's a common opponent would connote come opponent with monkey. Yeah he had some success against monkey a lot more success than he had against Cannella. This is what I'm saying. Gabe Rosado does more than Liam Smith. I think I think actually you. You could put gay versus Smith and let the winner just to get that that role the way. The box and work is a by economics man. If Gabriel Rosado could somehow knock out Liam Smith in America on. Let's Say New York he would get Cannella fi quicker than all these other guys. Why because Mexico versus Puerto Rico's built in box rivalry who won't respect the look at the Gal may fourteen long all right. But that's why you gotTa Knock Out Liam Smith let's see let's see Lien Fort last at sixty and he's ranked where I was going to say. Dan. He's number two but that was that's the other William he had he had. Our guest is more no respect for you brother but that that ten gram negative you have fifteen seconds you would have been out of their Leeann even ranked sixty what. We're not only once maybe twice. Maybe twice I. I can't find them on any sanctioning body. Top fifteen sixty one sixty. Feber mentor is right there at one. Sixty not BRA WITH IRMA fight. I don't see anything. I'm GONNA screen shot. I don't see anything form that's crazy. Smith AC- zoom in analog. Y'All big for sixty. Actually you know what I'm saying. I mean that's not even a good fight for him. No no no no I was just saying not just like as far as I name recognition in possibly beautified that they put on me. Look let's be honest Andre does not the headline star. You know saying you're not going and you know about the fight he's GonNa Fight Liam Williams before he finally hired a monkey you and again Liam Williams Liam Smith Liam Smith got more clouds than Liam Williams in not only did he beat but he fought in laws to Canelo..

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