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Christ Father husband ministers will but my musical career started philadelphia. My mom and dad and we did a lot street ministry growing up. We started up. But dad decided he didn't want to be a part of the politics of that cow nomination industry where we literally if it was sunol side. We have speakers in eight in two amplifies keyboards and we ministered to community so that was my whole upbringing and then one fateful night I i saw taibbi twelve thirteen years time tribute playing with another artist before he was a artists. No mike he was on. Keyboards happened around. Just like he do and ham in my boy data. Ray that is tribute ryan frazier moore drums. They will plan for choir and they were killed. I never heard that lucky. And i made about myself. I want to play with him one day and then no was started group. You know five. Six years later started on. Meet him at a night all those years when i'm about eighteen years ago. And he sees me and then bite's gonna be a part of the group and then from there of course the time the phillies seen congress blowing of filial associ- Connected with james poyser. The people like that. I met roots. Jill scott floetry. Mush ambrose is like and i begin to kinda cool with both its high end with Working in both arenas like while we work or not album. I'll be out touring with vivian. Green someone who different artists stuff like that and then of course when ties for a song a single no way it just seemed like the doors is cracked open in the gospel arena. In from there we went on the record. A life album degree live. Stand out. And then i think before that we did something called concepts and ideas real underground record. It wasn't scientifically but that was something. We didn't a friend's studio album wilbur. Jersey in that kind of kind of build some traction underground people kind of stopgap knows that way but i was with talking about ten years In through my connection tie. I met everybody else. I mean. who's who and gospel music. I mean israel kirk franklin. Mary mary jumping key has a walker. I mean everybody in gospel that i watched as a kid. I'm used to seeing watch. Batman was vhs tapes. We watch those. Those live conscious afraid him in pages. That was that purpose by design..

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