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Manny manny back here. You can't swear their stocks out. So take manny boy on the surface Yes I did okay. I'm GONNA need you to hold onto the Surf Morton and don't look behind. You wave don't ever do that again. Yeah I got the battle. Career wave in the ocean news continues to break here the north with just eleven days left until Christmas Eve. The North Pole Council has been called into emergency session for the first time since nineteen eighteen the last year of the Great War Ali. What's the latest on. This developing story jolly a crowd of helpers has gathered outside the closed doors of the council chamber confusion worry fill the air joining me is North Poles resident historian Professor Carol Tune Smith Professor. Can you shed light on this extraordinary event. I'm afraid I can't tell you anything. Holly Oh but we were hoping the cow so me since secrecy. It's all a matter of policy. But why are they meeting now. Of course I'm gassing but I should say there is a threat to Christmas do that sounds lovely and also very serious big. Hey go big. Of course it is. The council lebas anything small. What Day et is I cannot begins you. Thank you professor so there you have. It jolly a song of concern with eleven days left until the big day could Christmas be in peril. Stay tuned I've read a lot of letters from kids asking for Surf Birds. You always wondered what it would be like right away next time. Try to do it without almost drowning. You were worried about me. I'm worried about the mission. I can't get the letter out of the bottle. We don't have time for this eleven days until Christmas Eve and we're still on our first stop. Give it to me. I wait did the RDX high knew. I'd get it running. Didn't it start one. The letter just need a little jolt but the letter read it on the way to our next destination. Only we don't have a next destination right and this letter was just floating voting out there in the ocean. kind of like how. The other letter was in the tree. Maybe you can tell. Give me paper kid even read it. It's in Spanish. I knew that get easel. BUBBA knowing ma'am. Lana you speak Spanish. I'll translate for are you dear buffet. That's what they call Santo Father Christmas. My name is Anna. I live in a little village in Columbia South America. It's hard to find on a map but I know you can find it. You have to you see. We may not have Christmas. This non if they take it away take away Christmas. What does that mean. Not just the holiday put our whole town. Please help us grass Yossi Felisa then on. I think we should go visit honor. I know we should go to Columbia. Another corner of the world. That's the Knicks destination. Okay I just. We may not have the list. We still have my brain hiring. I say.

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