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On that historic civic and we applaud them for the footage of commitment they have made toes do nuclearization of the korean peninsula president trump deserves a great deal of credit for steak me role in transforming so particularly the course of events in that region we also congratulated the united states government on the important role to play in the top isis also some of the remnants have found their way to the region we recognize the strong united states support in our fight against terrorism and also appreciate it very much the united states agreement to sell twelve super to eight twenty nine warplanes and orphans tonight julia effectively fight terrorism to contain the speech inside gency in nigeria the federal government has adopted a multi sectorial approach embarrassment related government agencies to address the sushi economy info occur missions was armed forces of nigeria the seibel forty two fro by security and maintain law and order as part of efforts to address it might in cases such as in the country the nigerian military adopted the nigerian military i counterterrorism insurgency approach codename operation saint corridor to direct de radicalized rehabilitate and reintegrate willingly surrendered boko haram members into the largest suicide this program is currently embarking on a number of projects including kill acquisition centers and integrity firms comprising forgery push phone and greenhouse for me among as a number of international partners include the international organization for migration have contributed to the success of operation safe corridors we indicated that we would appreciate whatever support could also get from the united states we expert a great student to the united states support in the reconstruction and rehabilitation airports in the north east of nigeria as well as you meditate in assistance to internally displaced person through agencies such as the united states agency for international development and other international partners the united states of america has been to date the biggest contributor to the humanitarian response ls give approximately billion united states dollars in cash and in kind contribution so the united nations and other intergovernmental organizations these have mainly supported protection activities have put assistance and shelter we are doing all we can to secure the release of their objected cool guys from tabuk is this context we will continue to welcome united said collaboration intelligence gathering hostage negotiations and information sharing the government is taking necessary steps to promote.

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