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That he said there was no caravan. There were no caravans. Didn't MSNBC run a bunch of stories on the caravans just like all the other networks and cable news outlets. So he's accusing his own network of perpetrating fake news is is that what is that what it comes down to eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. We've got some more sound cuts. We're going to be playing this in this hour from from various democrat worthies will have one once from Bernie Sanders, and from Harry Reid. So, you know, they're all they're all singing a different tune here today. And you know. A really a real underrated obnoxious democrat congressman is Eric swale. Well, he's talking about. He's I always laugh when they say the Berlin Wall kept people in not out. The problem is Walzer medieval walls, separate people. And that's not who we are. So again, you know, you comes the recurring question. So this Eric swale, well will leave his door unlocked every night when he goes to bed when he leaves to go to work in the morning to see leave 'cause you don't locking up your house. That's not who we are. Is it you don't suppose somebody needs to come in and have a shot. A who teach. You know, word the steal your jewelry, your big screen TV. Who are you some American Grandy to decide that some poor illegal alien doesn't need your your pearls? That you inherited from your grandmother. Time now for the Trump line..

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