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In the next ten to twenty months it also let's say you got a wedding coming up you're building a house you're paying for a grandkid's college contrary to what ray was saying it could be stupid to put this money at risk when you know that you're going to need it relatively soon on the other hand if you don't need the money for at least three four or five years or more than yes i generally agree with the with the essence of what ray was saying it's just a lot more personalized than people think to put it into a soundbite so in in kind of going a little bit deeper and why you agree is it because of all this cash that is still sitting on the sidelines like like dallaglio said and that thanks inc since are about to deploy the money in the markets and further possibly push stocks higher because to me that sounds a little speculative in kind of include some shortterm thinking what do you think i would agree with that pretty speculative pretty short term pre can a narrowminded you know i say forget about the next five to ten percent move in the market or what might happen in the next couple of months you've gotta think a lot bigger so you know getting going back to ray i agree with the essence of what delios him but i'm looking at it in an entirely different direction i'm thinking a lot longer term so that thing about this last year researchers at ohio state university they took a major step forward in regenerative medicine it's this branch of science and what they do is they worked to find ways to replace or regrows oh i damaged tissue and organs also last year you got scientists announcing pretty major advances in something called liquid biopsies this is it's basically aimed at developing this blood test and it confined cancer early when it's treatable there's this also one about pain create a cancers the third leading cause of cancer death last year this research group made a discovery that could finally make early detection easier there's there's a lot of stuff happens in that that all helps it really helps because now i can see the direction that your head of ads actually there's more i mean this is just from last year there's no drill tooth repair my kid lost his two front teeth adult teeth the suit be fantastic right a new drug there's.

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