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Three we certainly hope that you'll join us. Listen staff, a stuff, I know that we have we have some good friends joining us. Mark Benson at the top of the nine o'clock hour, I can't wait to get together. With mark. And if you are a car owner or perspective owner, you're going to need to know this. Sorry, go through my note. No, I pulled my right staff. You know, things can go wrong. If you you're wrong stack. Yeah. Can say I pulled about everything I don't think you're pulled my wrong, stack, man. I want to let folks before we jump into back into the programming when we talk about diabetes. You know, anybody with diabetes. I do I do too. I've confronted it myself. I know that people dialed in right now either, you know, somebody. That's that's what that's how pervasive. Yep. So I encourage you, I actually implore you to give a called a wellness program. Now, first of all there's no obligation to anyway. Okay. That's not the point of this. But I think if a phone call. Is made you'll be able to learn and then you'll be able to decide whether it's something for you, or your friend or your family, or whomever might be that, you know, as afflicted with type two diabetes, even assisting in helping what type one by the way, there was a. A recent announcement in regard to type one that deals with the insulin. Pump wasn't necessarily be a favourable. Decision. So anyway. The education about diabetes is clear. It's necessary. But it's also the support that you'll get while. You're there with. The health and the physical, and but there's also the emotional side and wellness is prepared to do all of that for you. And with you, but it has to start with a phone call has to start with a listen, I have diabetes or I'm pre diabetic or my mother, father brothers, whatever it might be. And then you have the conversation that leads to an intake, which I'm telling you right now, it's kind of like with Dr Falker when you go in for the consultation. It is so thorough. It reveals so much, and that's what the intake will do for you as well. He orange you're going to go through each step each state. I'll be straight up. It takes about forty five minutes, maybe an hour. That's how thorough they are with you to go through the whole process. But at the end of the day, you're going to know more about type two diabetes, and how it affects you, and if you are suffering from this or family, or friend of exactly how you can overcome this. Now, depending on the insurance that you have this could all be taken care of by your insurance. If not all of it part of it. Whatever is going to be helpful call them, actually, their eight eleven they're ready for you. Seven seven seven four thousand seven seven seven four zero zero one Tony guys make the call and get started. We have state of the union conversation. Also, this whole business about Keith kind of Cheryl you believe city council out of committee with only one dissenting vote. Yeah, let's pay for his his Bill that is your it's your actions. Mr. Khan of shero, it is your actions that precipitated a call by the general public calling for the possibility of an impeachment out of your position. And you want the very same people to pay for your defense. I think it's absolutely out of line. Yes, you're an elected official. Yes. You're part of the government. But that doesn't give you free rein over the use of taxpayer money to defend actions out of caused this. To take place. Does this mean that if you are in fact, indicted that you're going to go after the taxpayer to pay for that as well? No, it's inappropriate on both ends. If I do something here at the office, and this and the other. Nobody from iheart illegals gonna come into. I got to defend myself. You should defend yourself in your job and your role. And the tax payers should not be responsible for footing the Bill. It's going to be up to two hundred fifty thousand bucks a validated. Ego at to any private attorney now, and he's got a budget. Dear heavens. I don't know if there's any recourse right now by the journal, maybe you should impeach the council members that gave him free money. South west they completed their first flight, I can't wait. I can't wait for people to start yelling and screaming that I'm anti Hawaiian airlines. I'm ready. Are you ready? I'm ready competitions. Good. Yeah. Hey, man. But then again, we look back to go in Mahalo, and I it's a tough business. Yeah. Southwest has been around a while. And they've they found their way in other markets. I'm sure they're gonna they're not just throw in this together. They've got a plan. Have you flown south west before I have to? You know, it's definitely not the frills airline. But you know, when you're taking a family on a trip to the mainland. You're trying to save where you can. And and you know, we can we can be. You know without all the bells and whistles to get from point eight point be if it saves us a grand. Or whatever. But one thing to always do this is with Hawaiian, this is no kidding. It's not just the fear. It's the baggage fees south west, no baggage fee. Curious to know if that's gonna be policy here. We'll see but even Hawaiian airlines with their financial disclosures. You see the incredible amount of profitability from that twenty five fifty dollar hundred dollar baggage fees. You have to pay so competition is is as Scotty said. It's absolutely best for us as consumers. And south west is able to put together a business model makes sense for them make sense for the consumer here. I'm all for it. Never took the family, but I would fly Allegiant when they were flying. If I'm on my own. I didn't care. I don't eat first class. Know just gimme eight point eight eight point be as cheap as it is what I would fly back past years for birthday or Super Bowl with the boys. I travel on my own because I would take that Allegiant flight sometimes pain as low as three hundred dollars round trip. One forty nine each way. Got me back and forth. And I was ready to go. And it didn't matter to me. I didn't care. I was having some drinks and fall asleep. Anyway, it doesn't matter. But I missed that. I'm a. I'm a budget guy. And if that means it south west coming into our markets going to be able to have a business model that works to save us to do things that we have to down. I'm all for it because competitors can react and do the same. South western Hawaiian have the same air have the same. I'll take awhile. But if I can see one hundred bucks roundtrip, two hundred round trip shoots. Let's go to war. Whoa. Yeah. It was crazy. What like that a second ago? Hello can't do it. I don't know. What's going on? Eight fifteen in the morning. Glad you're with us here. Also. Cigarette. Sales equated to slavery and murder. I come on. Here we go. Listen, you want abandoned Banham, but you're never going to ban cigarettes in Hawaii because this state is damn greedy to take in the tobacco sales revenue. It will never ever ever happen. So stop embarrassing us again with national international news cheese people look at naps and snacks. And all of that. All right. Let's try one more time with Mike in Honolulu. Michael. How do you know how my brother for taking my call? I was listening to the news this morning about this decision to allow Shikata share the opportunity to use taxpayer funds for private attorneys. And I might be out in left field on this. And I'd stand corrected easily. But it makes me wonder if a quarter pointed defender is not good enough for him. How much does that cast on all of those that he's facing court that had to use quarter pointed defenders? I think that's a very very good perspective. Just wanted to share very really bothers me that that aspect of it. Let alone using my money to defend his his alleged criminal activities. But I think there's a lot of folks that could raise a significant issue with that take care. I appreciate that. Call very good perspective. The other part about it is you have Corp council. You have an absolute legal department. You have a legal department within city government. Now, you have Corp council that is also wonder. A cloud with a similar letter in regard to role in this entire case. What a mess what a mess. I mean, we take a look at a sitting administration that has an issue with a chief of police. Also with the city prosecutor and with corporate council, the three top law enforcement officials within the administration. Nobody's putting all this together in one breath. Listen, I like Kirk Caldwell. I really do. We've had time in chatted. We've done veterans events. Attended the same ones and supported this. But you have to take a look, and I have invited Kirk on. I'm gonna stop inviting been invited a thousand times. And I I'd appreciate if he'd accept but I had dental look like he's going to tell us firsthand. What's going on? How is it that we have all of these issues surrounding your administration and law enforcement? Now, it's not say that those who are replacing those who are troubled are doing a good job. But you have to kind of wonder what else has happened. What's going on with a federal investigation? That's pretty tough. But for us to pay kind of Cheryl to go on and get a private attorney get a public defender. I think Mike is right on the money. Oh public defenders. Not good enough. Then how is it? Good enough for the general public and not good enough for you. What did you represent yourself? You're at attorney. Why do you have to have other attorneys come in? Are you not a good lawyer? Are you not a good prosecutor put your defense hat on? You've got to defend yourself. I just to go after the public's money to go higher. Rick free door. Some other top name. Dude. I don't know, man. Thanks for the water, by the way. Hey, you need some vodka in there. Well, that was my initial thought I'm glad he brought it up. I was like why is he not just gonna use a public defender? And how does the number that they came up with? How is that? How did they arrive on at that number two to fifty to fifty? Maybe it's two fifty an hour for a thousand hours. I don't know. But it's totally holy completely utterly an absolutely inappropriate. And the city council. Whoever the council chair is right now. Who knows what's going on over there? Mike Formby just they just now have full nine councilmembers. I think an is still the interim chair, I think. I'd like to hear from you. How do you justify this out of your legal fierce committee? How did he justify? There was one to send you vote. I like to know who the descending vote was. And congratulate them. Because that's the appropriate vote. No, we're not gonna pay for your journeys. You're a lawyer go get your buddies. Go hire someone else you've probably used Corp, do whatever you gotta do footing. The Bill for quarter million dollars to put in the pockets of some other attorneys in this town..

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