Drago Lin, Hannity, IRS discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


G break all those crazy dropped we must immediately for g glad drago lin there was legitimate the news with gene a grad lemme hit simply say first and then we'll go run on into the news network of these guys since they had 10 employees now they're protecting over two million people unbelievable exciting news that just released their brand new home security system the all new simply safe to eyes and they're smaller faster stronger than ever before completely rebuilt redesign new safeguards against power outages down wifi cut landlines bats hammers you name it they'll take anything you can throw at it i just got mine in the mail and i'm gonna installing it tomorrow love these guys it's the first garrity system that's actually beautiful it looks leak it looks modern everything has shrunk down no drilling holes no poland wires batteries last up to ten years you still get 247 protection for only fifteen bucks a month and no longterm lock in contr rex but supplies are limited so visit simply safe dot com slash hannity that simply safe dot com slash anam all right gina grant all right here's some hard hitting news that irs sure to pressure of the grammys were just on bruno mars and kendrick lamar to come the most trophies on sunday night show uh bruno collected six trophies including song of the year for it that's what i like i think we have a clip of that he is a bona fide it i don't like his biggest song but i'm always one trying to be a little fairer and even about this which is i i have the same thing i have with prince which i i hate all as songs but he's a bona fide yet how there's no doubt that he knows what he's doing yes singing dancing performing uh also uh record of the year for twenty four karat magic i think we have a clip of that too.

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