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Down on the homepage of eddie trunk dot com be sure to follow on social media twitter instagram facebook at eddie trunk appreciate you doing so and it's the best way to keep up with everything i have going especially on twitter again at eddie trunk upcoming appearances july first i'm in hollywood florida at the seminal hardrock hosting poison and cheap trick thirteenth in tulsa at the ideal ballroom hosting doc in back there again on the twenty eighth of july where i will host a free show with beast oh blanco other stuff going on again keep an eye on the social media outlets for more and if you shop on amazon do it at amazon dot com slash shop slash eddie trunk dennis deyoung i followed by robin zander on this week's eddie trunk podcast coming up drunk by gassed hey so take a moment to think about your aunties i know it's a little bit weird but your i thought probably isn't there awesome which is why i want to tell you about me undies comfy awesome mondays that'll make you feeling good from the moment you put them on and when you feel good anything's possible me on these are made with a material sustainably sourced from beechwood trees there naturally soft fiber makes a fabric that won't sag down or ride up trust me once you put on a bear you'll get it with me on these you can get on these sent right to your door no more hunting around for the perfect parent a crowded store and eventually settling for something that's well let's just say good enough you definitely want to try them out you're going to love him so not sure we'll listen to this me on a deal for my listeners first time purchasers get twenty percent off their first pair of me on these and free shipping that's twenty percent off plus free shipping and a guarantee.

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