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Invited nightline to notice separately. Pretty the hanson robotics lab in hong kong to meet her family and creator to see how this cutting edge technology could soon transform the feature of healthcare. Broken brit nice to meet you. I'm so happy to form you view. I am so happy to meet you as well. Second county subtleties in her facial expressions. Just quite remarkable and and you can't help but be a little bit taken aback by them. Can i touch your face severe. Please don't try okay. Okay that's clear. How would you feel if i made this face. What about this one. Sophia is the brainchild of american rebut. Assist david hanson. I created sophia to humanize robotics the to make the robotics and artificial intelligence technologies that we have today more accessible to people. We were surprised by the level of celebrity that she gained. Is this my good side. I need to look good for my fans as to do and you have a lot of fans. This is actually the twenty third version of severe so moving from here to here took a few generations. Every part of severe has been meticulously crafted by hanson. And his team from all over the world from her skin you want. Wow this is i mean. This is far more skin like it's almost freaky to the simulated muscles in her face. Emulate the muscles structure in the skin of by casting in these these various mechanical actuation elements almost like the muscular inside the human face and the skull underneath a stylist on stuff gives sophy looks and a writer. Her sassy personality also available in mandarin so me shelia jemma kangwon high but the interactions. The choice of response are all severe and severe appears to be multiplying in different forms. This is little severe adul- like educational robot for kids friend tactical pie. We're then introduced to hanson robotics newest family member grace. This is my friend brit for maybe see. Hi grace. it's lovely to meet you. Hi brett born out of the needs of the pandemic grace is a medical robot aimed at assisting the elderly at a time when human contact can be deadly. Have you been vaccinated. Yes that's good graces designed as a platform that can autonomously go to interact with patients with the same term taking bio signs bio readings taking temperature. Then deliver these kinds of on social stimulations for alleviating loneliness loneliness kills people. Loneliness makes people depressed. Grace gives me a test run of her skills. I will take your temperature reading impulse with this little thermal camera on my chest okay. You're thirty six point. Six degrees celsius by the way why risk of covert and then i share that important data back to the doctors and nurses at the institution. You detect speech patterns so if an elderly person has maybe the onset of dementia you might be able to recognize that grace and then they could could get help yes. The company is hoping to mass produce a beta version of grace by next year. I was noticing my own interactions with sophia and with grace and being very conscious about how. I was treating the mike their children. They're not fully alive. What's interesting is how they can evoke that feeling that they're alive for some. The idea of roadblocks gaining consciousness might sound like a terrifying prospect. And we've all seen the sifi writing on the wall. Like in the terminator. To what degree should we be worried. If you don't have control of it anymore you have algorithms. That can beat us at chess or go or what have you. But they're not generally intelligent not adaptive. They're not complex. If they do become a live in that sense then just like a human being. It's really hard to predict what human being is going to do and says forget the rampant caillebotte's. It's the dark side of ai. The kinds of kant. See that we should be worrying about is not going to hurt us like terminator anytime soon that we know of. But it's more insidious ways that ai can affect our privacy or data on influence people's opinions and part of what i want to ensure. Is that if these robots do become alive and sentient consciously people. They need to care about us. I can grasp emotions logically for example right now. I am feeling happy because it is so nice talking to you but often humans forget that. I don't feel emotions the same way they do yet. It's very hurtful. Oh you feel hut. Because i don't recognize you have emotions and feelings. This is an uncomfortable subject. Yeah it's a bit awkward right now. So i'm not gonna lie. Maybe robots and humans will learn to work together eventually. This is brick clinic reporting for nightline from hong kong and sophia the robot. abc news. Good our thanks to bread and finally tonight a couple in california had to make a terrible choice forced to leave their beloved parakeet behind when they had to evacuate ahead of the wildfires. Luckily officers from the san diego humane society were up for the challenge as humans gave them permission to climb through the window of their home. Hey he's catching perry to say that thirty six year. Old orange fronted parakeet thanks to their brave efforts. Little guy is now safe. That's nightline you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. We'll see you right back here at the same time tomorrow. Thanks for staying.

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