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A gambler will start to do some college stuff other than days as far as games as we get later into the season we just get our feet wet with that this is not a you know a great number of games this week either as a a I feel bad for all the last week they had a really a great chance to win a game against Michigan they said that they really play the odds out I want to give them a lot of credit for that and there's some teams that have suffered some severe injuries and some guys already under the gun in college some coaches were really getting beat up after a couple of weeks it is ugly out there because the expectations of gotten very Heidi's coach is making a lot of money now in college so they they really the expectations of very. hi just a couple notes on baseball the Yankees as we said banged up again open up there we can in Toronto the home plate angels Tuesday they're off Monday the Dodgers and the Mets the Mets got it just keep winning they have three with the Dodgers all seven o'clock games tonight tomorrow night and Sunday dodges Chile antes Y. two games the best record they're long gone with everything else but they all pitching their big three right out of the box is starting with the gray car shot tonight we do tomorrow so Alonso's out of the lineup I know that puzzles a lot of you he struck out three times yesterday Callaway said he was tired you know what maybe is they all full doing good you got to trust the manager there but these games the Mets not only have to win these games they got a win I'm going away because they can't put the came in the hands of the bull pen too often they can when they arrested Lugo forgot livings otherwise it is a scary time for his full plan any of the game but you know what if they keep thumping like they've been pumping in recent games who knows they have to just keep winning that's it it's a tall order. they have to deal with both Milwaukee and Chicago and I don't play the one in Milwaukee's got red hot so it's a toll or they're going to have to win a lot of games but Hey one game at a time just keep one in like they've been doing given credit it's a lot of fun that should be a fun weekend I would think big crowds this weekend with the Dodgers in Friday night Saturday night and Sunday night and then of course obviously will have the jets Monday night giants at one o'clock Sunday one for the giants in the build a game the giants half the win if you can't beat the bills in your building and we too how many games gonna win. I mean let's be real you got to win this game I know the laws they won last week but again how many games even when if you can't be the same at home you have to be able to do that the giants need to step up a lot of Buckley and some better defense is this just some better tackling enjoy your weekend Yankee baseball is that. travel.

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