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The turning into steam whistles and the soundtrack like I said the score is so cartoony in my notes. I wrote that it's like the whole movie is swing band in a car. Chase like that's what it sounds like. At Times Jane Fonda is old Bo- Arthur played by Don Johnson. He shows up and he just will not leave her alone and takes her out for ice cream. Talks about how his wife left him and they ended up waiting in fountain for a Lucky Penny because she made a bad wish on it. It's all so adorable. And a security officer on a segway comes by and takes a picture of them and there are a couple of security officer or cop moments movie and I just kept imagining. The auditions were Improv actor. After improv actor came into like audition for this role and they'd be like. Oh yeah yeah well we shoot it. You'll make it into a bigger role with Improv. And that doesn't happen. I will say bad regarding Johnson. I know that this is. I mean maybe swing. His name is a pun for peanuts. That's the other thing is like it's like. The movie is so full of Puns. That even the actor's name in the credits as a metaphor bleeds into reality in the mouth of madness that way. Maybe this is just turnabout is fair. Play because like a women so often get underwritten roles in this Sort of movie. But I could not tell you anything. About what the character Don Johnson was supposed to be other than he likes Jane Fonda. His personality was he wears a kind of a funny hat. He wears a funny hat. He used to be a radio. Dj and he likes Jane Fonda. And that is the and I don't know what he does for business now he had to find to La for business for maybe a radio convention but he also seems to be genuinely rich like everybody in the movie is now. I haven't watched all the special features on the Bloomberg Com. Assuming there was a scene. That's on the cutting room floor. Where Don Johnson's character is talking to Jane Fonda attorneys like? Oh you're in a book club. What are you reading right now? And she shows him and it like cuts to his eyeballs like a movie and his blood runs call because it makes them think that's his daughter in those movies. That's probably exactly. What do you think that a family that he was like? I'm making a fifty shades movie too and it's family stuff we can bond over this. That's a really good. Don Johnson. Impress me charts and we were GonNA part of this area so Donald Johnson. Yeah we'll make in one of these fifty shades just like you wear like daughter. Like Daddy. Yeah you Daddy. Fifty shades movie. And she's like. Please stop saying that. Call Me Daddy. More meanwhile candid camera. She's cyber stalking her ex husband. Who has his Kamerun? Sorry Kansas Birth. Been waiting for that. Fuck you you know what's going to happen and you got me candace Bergen She is cyber stalking corrects husband. And she finds these what we mentioned. Forward the worst photoshopped pictures. Maybe in the history of photoshop away. I think they're deliberately bad-looking because they're so silly they have to be like it literally was like a photo booth at a wedding like that's what it looks like. Now I want to object to this a scene because like all right so as a L. Also she gets caught by law clerks. She's doing this at work and anyway but Dan as a previously unattached man this Originally confused me a lot. This is before this before you were turned into a human centipede. Now that you're attached. I'm attached That I can still talk with my mouth sounded. Someone's but but I assume you're the front but I didn't realize either middle or you the back I'm talking into the but the person in front is saying what I'm saying with my voice like a kind of gratitude we pull the hair and make the guy moves sort of situation and I think that's the first time someone's compared human senator ready to shore I mean he doesn't even the middle or are you in the back. What I'm in the The second best position which is the middle now. I wonder if not at all not at all sir not back is the little bit of freedom and then you could just poop there you really into the air. But you've got intend April's poop there's bless poop maybe by the time no dad once. You're eating one person's poop you might as well throw the person's pimple on the plate I mean I don't I don't think we. I don't think there's any contests the front is the best because he words you have somebody in your ass all day long a second best because you can prove whenever you want and you get to eat someone's ass and the second episode so I I. I'm wondering if what if this movie came out a couple years earlier it was called movie club. And it's these four women who watch human centipede and they're like I guess this is what people are doing now. And they make themselves into human centipede reinvigorates their their lives more. What I wanted to say was there was a period when I was using dating apps so this bumble thing confused me for a long time because all right first off earlier she goes on bumble to find this stuff. We should it was. It wasn't clear that that fumble is dating APP for bees right. Could that's why you were dating so many B. is for a while I'm speaking earlier or clumsy people. Yeah let's fumble. That's our fumble. Is the dating APP for people? I'd see realm forty year old virgin who just keep having clumsy accidents that get in the way of their love life. Yeah so I. It was not grumble the dating APP for people with Brandy. Rooney's now Dan. You were saying bumble. Here's a here's a look behind the curtain. I like to talk until Dan irritated that. He just starts checking his phone when he picks up his phone. I know it's time to let him talk so Dan Yeah. It was confusing to me for a moment because it looked like she was doing this on her desktop. And I'm like okay. Well first off bubbles an APP so that's weird but then later on it becomes clear that she is using a tablet to do this but then secondly little red glad that plot hole got covered up with cement. The that's how my mom does most of her competing. Yeah so but secondly she learns that her husband is dating the much younger woman by the bumble things like like. Oh matched and I'm like what you can't see other people's matches on bumble but it turns out that I guess it's an ad for bumble. That's like Oh these. Two people matched you could to like suggest the question. Why is her husband showing up for her? In this ad I mean she was Google Liam right before but like he's not going to be a key word like advertisement for bowl. She has learned that her husband is dating because her son calls her to announce his engagement any mentioned that so she goes on bumble and his confronted with this ad and I have to assume that as in the song there's always something there to remind her bom Bom Bom Bom Bom and in this case it's that she's just have to ask existence where she's confronted at every moment with evidence of her ex-husband's life. I assume that as a judge she deals a lot of cases that are generally related. Her ex-husband which again is a conflict of interest. She should be recusing herself from those cases. But it's I think a movie logic Dan. We're like someone will turn on the radio and there's a news report about what's whatever's going on that's important to the plot so but you're right. This ad comes up that's like bumble health. This older man to get with a much younger woman isn't bumble right for you. But she gets caught by her clerk and she doesn't want to get involved. She doesn't want to dipper toe. In the radical revolutionary world of Internet. Dating which Al Al mentioned again is how I met my wife fifteen years ago but this is a scary for her. Is that candace? Bergen character is hungry. She needs a slice or something. I think she needs a slice of Dr Richard. I haven't I haven't thought about slicing applying pointing sixty nine year old George. We'll get to that. We'll get to that because she hasn't put herself out there yet but she has anyway. I don't want to spoil it for everybody. I know everybody's waiting for Jewish show. I mentioned Richard Drivers in the beginning. People were like who does rich Dreyfuss play Richard Dreyfuss I mean. He hasn't been on on movie screens that much for a while. I mean what was the last time for a lot of people still Max? Bickford or KIP endorphins. And he doesn't want a new character to to rip indoor Dorf. I'm sorry please remember my anthropology minor at school that it was croup. Indoor who discovered that tribe it turns out he has been working much more than you would have thought like. He's been in movies over the past few years but they just haven't been movies. That people have seen you played thanos employees dirks now that was so he was two different characters in avengers. Gi So it was a it. Was A dead ringers type scenario. I guess the last thing I think I remember seeing him in was that movie that we watched was what was when he was a lesser instead. What Piranha Three D no? He's not in that right. He's at the beginning. He gets eaten by Piranhas drives. I forgot about that but we did a movie for Flop House that he was in years ago but uh so Diane. Keaton is visiting her daughters again. They they're treating her. They're really bathing her. Mary steenburgen calls. This relationship is was the one that made my wife the most angry like the tween daughters. I N keep me to treat her like such a weird child the whole time. And it's like dude we're at fucking PUKE BEPPO man. Just let me take fucking phone. Call like she leaves. She leaves the restaurant to take his fucking phone call and both of them leave the table. And it's like you can't leave your fucking idiot husbands at Buca di Beppo all this shit we left. That's expensive over your children to be her. Children are horrible meddlers but Diane. Keaton also treats it like this. Is the sitcoms plot because for reasons that you know. Maybe if I'm you know maybe if I was in older mother of adult children I would think differently but I'm like why are you just talking to your children about what's going on in your life? You feel the need for the whole movie to hide. You're a damage as as the son of two parents who often don't tell me things about their personal lives that you'd think would be useful for me to know I can. I can speak to that. Which is part. But she's not just like not thinking about it. She's actively hiding it away like she makes up a lie to run off with this guy and then doesn't answer her phone as they get increasingly worried about her hanging. You've got to hide your level. Damn sorry yelled hey for that just for that but it was really route is like I dream of a day when like a Honky Drunk Arizonan Pilot X. Dad away it'll has just got to make sure he gets out there. Also your parents are still married. I believe you're she's chill is very cool new. Very cool mom. So steam version calls an emergency book club. This this is the part. I didn't believe she goes. I have to call an emergency book clubs so we can figure out if sex banking thing because this book has got me all turned inside out you have to fly back now and she crawls evidence lesson from their very stern dance teacher and he is not enjoying it So Candice Bergen. Meanwhile she goes to the vet with her cat. The doctor refers to it as a lethargic pussy and reliable. Yeah Yeah we get it okay She has an elderly cat and We already mentioned that. Andy Garcia hits on Diane Keaton playing her fears of flying and being a creepy stalker. Dude they have another book club scene. And didn't Diane. Keaton is like Only that's later on. Sorry I have to go into my notes here that we're twenty seven minutes into the movie and that was when Danielle quit watching when my wife walked away and said I can't take anymore..

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