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Size finest member FDIC got all twisted up there for some reason. I don't know why. Because I read that about a thousand times the NFL draft in Nashville draws record numbers on both for both on sites participation and on television. The league said today that more than six hundred thousand people attended the draft over the three days in Nashville easily clicked in two hundred fifty thousand came to watch two years ago in Philadelphia. Nielsen reports sent the draft on ESPN ABC and NFL network average six point one million viewers at any given time over the three days it averaged five and a half million viewers last year, which was the first time that all seven rounds were broadcast on television. I like that ABC ESPN was offering two versions. Need pre show fistfight. I think it's interesting a brings in the the nonsmo-. What was it dollar Meller who got a call from a relative who would never ever call them about. That was me. My my wife's grandmother called me last Monday and mind, you thought mmediately you thought of Trump because I've been married to my wife for almost eleven years now, and I've never received a call from her grandmother on the phone. So it was just pops twenty eight years. It was an oddity. And she was calling to ask me about Lonnie Johnson junior. The Kentucky cornerback who I had never heard of until she uttered his name, and she apparently had been a bus and the bus driver was Lonnie Johnson junior's mother who is telling her all about the traps nowhere. She could watch it. And so I actually as I was thinking this through I said, okay. Well, I know it's an ABC. I also know what's on ESPN. And I said, I told her you know, what let's go with ABC. Because I know they're focusing more on the story line of the players who are being drafted. I figured she would probably consume that rod cast better. So I said check it out on ABC on Thursday and Friday night. I just passed out. Johnson junior. I just I don't look weird day inside. My brain Taylor swift on on Thursday night with Robin Roberts. They were trying to appeal to. Yeah. The entertainment factor of this sport, which you know, at times, the NFL has gotten away from I joined it I thought it was fantastic men watch. None of it. And I'll tell that story in the good the bad and the dirty. We'll get to that. We will do that real quick before we move on. I want to say a shoutout to my wife's grandmother. Lucille Lucille job. Wait, wait. I think that's how old is Lucille Benson as list. Yeah. Perfect. Good. Europeans said she was actually interested. That's great. What are the odds of? She's her that she's listening to Waddell silly right zero. Okay. Yeah. We just gave a shot off of the show. She'll be listening definitely zero after we get hockey update from you. We're going to do that. That that that? I'm not gonna I'm not there. Are you ready for some hockey talk our crease monkey Tom Waddell, aka Tommy, hawk certainly is. Let's get pot. I went with with London. My heart say, let's make this quick because we got a break at forty something. Okay. So I'll say this like not a ton of name-brand power right now in the Stanley Cup playoffs, put still thrilling thrilling on your eyes. I do I literally see the hockey. Join Europe a lot of overtime games. A lot of these series sharks and apps are tied at one game apiece losing stars tied at a game apiece. The hurricanes are a little bit of a surprise now to zip on the islanders, and you've got a table terrified in former Blackhawk that's doing very well for the canes and causing a lot of Blackhawks fans to be a little upset stuff. You have Tabo. MD right now. I do. Yeah. Turbo. We like to call them. Turbo. Back in the day Taylor. Gabriel's nickname is turbo too. Right. Turbo. There you go. Yeah. That's it snowballs going to join us when he gets to the western and Eastern Conference finals, he's trying to get his credentials squared away. Yeah. Stovall join us, then you're gonna have to. Start you. No. Now, I got an interesting baseball factoid for you. Baseball research because I absolutely shut her down this week. And I went to Tennessee and play golf with my brother and my dad does weekend. Just shut it down. I watch a little bit of the draft. But nothing else. So I sat down on my computer this morning.

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