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Next day whereas rotunda he said he's got a little cold the networks ron foods i give it to anybody i said okay there's a pattern developing here with this kid italian kitchen has offered him a job complete with training they even offered him a signing bonus of one thousand one hundred one dollars then what his parents offered him to move out word if he's taking the offer he told reporters before that he had a job he just wouldn't tell them what it was he doesn't have a job anytime you say you have a job but you won't declare what it is you are jobless he's gotta he's gotta go and i don't think he he's going to qualify as a webcam model yeah he's gotta go oh i like to laugh their get out he's gotta go that leslie i know that's colleen no no no this is that's mark brown it's yeah it is definitely mark brown mark brown's at kids get the hell out he's got a gun hold on i'm getting there i'm getting there let's see who it is ask shown suzy l michelle tuesday right you're right all right yeah michelle and mark they want that dude out out ski out with you i like the they're going to provide him training at the pizza place see these over here there's a pizza boxes the pizza's done you put it in a box you're the guy bought right and you'll know it'll say on it pepperoni only fresh basil when it's done and it'll say mitch and so you comes out you put that tag on it you say hey mitch and he'll come forward to give that pizza trading that's it we're done.

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