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Hello everybody and welcome back to the show. My name is Willa Walden. I'm your host for the Space News Pod. Today they were GonNa be taking a look at the budget for NASA Twenty Twenty one will see twelve percent boost for the NASA. It's a budget and three billion dollars of the budget goes almost all to commercially. Made Lunar Lander's so there's a couple of companies that do this or want to do this. Blue origin Boeing Lockheed Martin Northrop Northrop Grumman dianetics in Sierra Nevada Corporation. And also SPACEX and I'm GonNa get into that in just a second but I want to remind you that if you are going to buy anything on Amazon there's a link in the description of this and if you want to help out the show you can click on that link and I take a tiny chunk of them so if you buy something on Amazon it helps me up an affiliate of Amazon and You know every purchase. It helps me out. I get like I said a tiny tiny bit portion of every purchase. So thanks everybody who have been doing that You are helping me. funday tripped trip to Florida. In April of this year to go see rocket launch and Kennedy Space Center in Florida. So thanks I I do appreciate it and if you are willing to go even further. There's a petri on Patriot dot com slash space news. PODCAST if you want to help out thank you so much for everybody who's has been doing that and Let's get back to this. Twelve percent boost for NASA for Twenty Twenty one K so a human landers for the arts program are very important. People need to land on the moon in order for The next phase of space exploration flourish to begin. So what's going to happen. There's going to be a lunar orbiter while there was going to lunar orbiter but apparently there's a bill that's being kicked around a little bit that says that the Lunar Lander can be Lunar Lander the lunar orbiter could be a lunar slash Mars. Orbiter this sort of go between gateway in between those two things. So what does that mean. What does that mean for the budget? Well it means that There is a twenty five point. Two billion dollar budget for NASA in this is the largest that has been since the nineteen ninety s and this orbiter lunar slash Mars Gateway in the future. Maybe thing according to this budget now. The Lunar Lander is important in. They need a lot of money to get this thing right because human lives are on the line and if they don't land properly well. There is a lot at stake for NASA and for the people that are involved with that landing the lot of research and development. There's a lot of testing. There's a lot of Getting things wrong in order to get things right and you have to break things in order to fix things right. So that's what's going to happen with that. Three billion the B.. That's basically just for the lander case. So there's more money involved to the state of the Union By president trump stress that the administration's commitment to space which is backed up by the twenty. Two thousand one budget numbers Said Ed space exploration will reinvigorate the landscape of American science. So they want to help the scientific community by giving them a little bit more money you for these lunar landings which is pretty awesome. If you ask me no matter what your politics are with no matter. What side of the aisle? You're on if somebody's throwing money at NASA and saying hey do incredible things. That's great whenever NASA gets more funding funding and they can use that funding to do incredible almost like illogical things like send people to Mars then and that's a good thing. We want those things in the future. We want to have a steady budget climb for NASA because these things as you know the the exploration of our closest neighbor the moon and our next pleased to hesitate habitat. We're GONNA make a habitat on Mars. Those things are important and they cost a lot of money to do that because commercial programs you know like commercial. Companies like SPACEX like Boeing like blue origin et CETERA. They need that money to pay the people to make the things to get us there and they wanna make a fleet of you know Different landers possibly to get us to the moon. There could be more than one winner you know with these budget things happen. It's like okay. So a couple of companies could build landers couple of companies could build rockets. Could starship thing possibly you know SPACEX has already thrown their head the ring to be a lander to be To be certified basically to land humans on the moon and and if that's a possibility that's great for SPACEX that's great for engineers as great for scientists because the more the more money that goes into these companies. The more money goes back into the economy which is great so three billion for mainlanders. That's pretty awesome now. We haven't really Ali Sina budget for Mars yet So there's about four hundred million dollars that's Budgeted for extraction of water and oxygen from lunar sources as well so basically they're going to land something on the Moon Find a water source finds mice get some oxygen and water out of that ice and figure out how to make that had into hydrogen and oxygen and water because we need hydrogen. It's basically rocket fuel right. So you get the hydrogen from the ice you. He made it into rocket fuel. You can send somebody from the moon back to Earth or from Mars back to Earth etc so since you ice to hydrogen oxygen oxygen and water. It's going to be a four hundred million dollars doesn't seem like a lot compared to the three billion for the lander but it's a good stepping stone a good start for this budget so they're gonNA start making more things for the Moon Now this is pretty cool and I'm pretty excited about it and I'll let you any more that I find out there's going to be a talk from Jim Breitenstein coming up and and I'm going to have a live Youtube Viewing Party and this is going to be February tenth so I want everybody to tune in over to the Space News Pod on Youtube for tenth at twelve thirty pm so Space News Pat on youtube dot com slash space news pod. Jim Bryanston the head of NASA will about the future of the Moon to Mars artists mission. Check it out. Come hang out. It should be pretty awesome so on that I'm GonNa say thank thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend a here with me on the speaks news pod my name is will walden and I will see you soon..

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Nasa, Nasa Twenty Twenty, Spacex discussed on SPACE NEWS POD

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