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Not want to deal with insurance companies on your own After you've been hurt in an accident. Well, here's proof last year, who was April 1 of Sweet James clients got hurt in the crash. Her insurance company. They often are 1800 bucks. Well, she considered taking that money. But lucky for her. She didn't take their offer. And she called Sweet Jane. Yeah, they got her the medical treatment that she desperately needed. And this month, Sweet James helped her recover over $100,000. That's what he could do for you. Then this staff That's 55 times the original insurance offer. Now she's gonna have a great year. So you see calling the right attorney really matters Why it's important. Call. Sweet James after you've been hurt, and then the accident I'm just not speaking English costs. We changed after her ocular in an accident. No, no, I'm I'm I'm hydrating yourself. People are responding. They think you've had some sort of major medical episode. I want you to know that We care about you Call sweet James Accident Attorneys right away. 805 152 108 105 152 100. You won't pay a dime unless they win your case. Every case is different. They can't guarantee the outcome. But it's important to get an experienced law firm on your side. Call 805 152 100 sweet James dot com Southland weather from Ko Phi Sunny and Windy Tomorrow Highs mid sixties to mid seventies from Metro L. A upper sixties to mid seventies in the valleys and the IAEA low seventies and inland OC. We leave local live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Debra Mark 77 Gods, her kids. Hey,.

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